mini stormtrooper still lifes

Over the past several months, I’ve noticed a fully-formed genre evolve on Flickr based on photographing toy stormtroopers. These are either the new I’m-jealous-my-toys-sucked Hasbro Stormtroopers, or the Lego minifigs. Below are some of my favorites, however, these toys are just in time with the new spiderman film and even though they are for kids, I’m obsessed with them.

Here’s a huge collection:,stormtroopers

There are (of course) dedicated Flickr groups Stormtrooper Legion of Merit

A Balanced Breakfast


Team Work.

"No, you hang up..."

Spin and seek.

Towel-Flickin' Twins

Halloween Preparations (Explored)

Imperial Cut-backs by Sad Old Biker.