Download Google’s Web Fonts

May 1, 2013 update: I’m no longer providing a download link to the font files. Please use the googlewebfonts repository on GitHub. Just click the Zip button.

Google’s Font Directory and API for web fonts could have a transformative effect on how we read the web. The only problem is, Google has made it very difficult to download all of the actual font files.

Web designers must be free to experiment with fonts, to sketch, comp and get to know the typefaces in browser and non-browser applications. Making the fonts difficult to get or requiring special software isn’t helpful.

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  • I thought I was going crazy trying to get these fonts. safari turns them into html files and when I used firefox and later tried to add the fonts to font book they crashed.

    I cant specify a font for a design unless I can mock with them, so thanks for making this easier. obviously google wasnt thinking about designers when they set up that insane page that doesnt leave clue how to get the fonts than tedious one by one.

  • I … you’re … *goes speechless*

    Thank you.

  • Thanks for doing the hard work of downloading them all and zipping them up.
    Appreciate it.

  • Thank you for one easy download of google fonts.

  • Thanks .. its useful

  • THANKS!!! I swear I download it three times each and could not import it into system.
    Until now I can’t get their logic. I was feeling like small child with candy on shelf and no regular way to reach it.

  • I miss some of them: Maybe they add some?
    Here they are:
    Neucha ( – but without diacritic)
    Neuton (
    Phillosopher (

    Anyway There are no midleeuropean letters like ščř in these downloads but better than zero

    I will check later or try prepare updated version of archive my self and post a link here.

    • I updated the archive to the most recent checkout from Google, everything should be there now. Thanks for pointing that out!

  • Thanks for this Joe, it’s a great help. It seems bizarre that Google don’t offer this themselves.

  • Keep this going, is very useful for us the designers.

  • Thanks, Joe. Just what we needed. (And what a nice surprise to find it from you. Hope all’s well!)

    • Thought I recognized that name! Glad this helped, and good to hear from you!

  • Thanks
    I was thinking to do the same thing, this saves a lot of time

  • Thank you! That made it sooo much easier after downloading about 15 the hard way. Will be very useful for web mockups.

  • Hey, thanks a bunch for this. I wonder why Google doesn’t just offer up a package on their site? *shrug*

  • Thanks for the post. I can keep getting corrupted downloads, could it be busted before you posted?

    • The archive has been updated and tested, let me know if you’re having trouble with the download.

  • I am still having trouble with the download. I right-clicked and saved the link as the .tgz to my desktop, but my Mac was unable to unarchive the download.

    • I tested the download again on several different computers and it seems fine. Are you sure the file had completely downloaded before you tried expanding it? It’s a big file and might take some time to finish.

  • Joe – thanks for this BUT i’ve downloaded twice in OSX and once in Linux and keep getting 30858415 bytes for the file size and no extraction due to corruption.

  • The file is now being delivered by the CoralCDN, which will hopefully eliminate all the truncated-file corruption issues people were seeing.

  • You can count one more happy person grateful to you. I’ve done this once at the beginning but now there are more fonts I wouldn’t have do courage to go hunting one on one again.

    Thank You.

  • Wonderful! Thanks for doing this.

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  • Thanks. Very useful

  • THANKS for this, it would be also useful the update date of the archive, don’t you think???

  • I’ve Downloaded it 3 times via Google Chrome on a Win XP and it says its corrupted. I’m using 7-zip to extract. Any help you could offer would be appreciated.

    • I just switched the archive over to Amazon S3. Unless it costs too much money to host, this should fix all the download problems people have had.

      • you could probably use google docs & share it publically in the future (to avoid S3 charges in a year) – perhaps setup some script to auto-update it for you.

        • That’s a great idea!

          I’ve been thinking about a Google AppEngine gizmo which would integrate storage and updates, but I haven’t had time to write it yet.

          • Unless I misunderstood Amazon’s Ts&Cs, the free plan doesn’t end after a year, but you cna only sign up for it within 12 months of creating your AWS account.

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  • Thanks for this! :)

  • Thanks for your collection. I have just posted a new article about your useful collection. Also, I am uploading your archive, so someone may get benefit from.

    Here it is

  • Awesome for posting this.

  • Would it be possible to create, or is there already, a PC-friendly version of this download?

  • Wow, thanks for doing this!

    It is actually possible to get all the fonts from Google, but it is obscurely documented.

    You can download the whole directory, including source files, from the Google Code project:

  • #win

  • Something weird. I’ve installed all the fonts in my system. And the webfonts stopped working on Google Chrome. Not all, just the ones I installed.

    • Here too, looks like a Chrome-specific bug since the font displayed correctly in Firefox and Safari (only checked quickly on my Mac).

      Be sure to report this to the Chrome team via “Report an Issue…” in Chrome’s Help menu, the more reports, the faster it should be fixed. (unless they’re being evil-Google and this is a feature to discourage local use of the fonts)

  • Easy way for Windows users to grab and move all of the .ttf files at once: unzip the package Joe set up (thanks Joe!) to its own directory. Do a search within that directory for *.ttf and it should find all of the font files in each of the subfolders. Select all (CTRL + A), cut them out of the folders (CTRL + X), then navigate to the top-level directory that you created when you unzipped the package. Paste them all there (CTRL + V) while keeping the licensing and metadata info in the respective subfolders for (relatively) easy reference if needed. Then all you have to do is copy or otherwise move the files to your C:Windowsfonts folder and you’re done. This method will work for users who don’t or can’t install Mercurial on their system as well.

  • I’m designing a website template right now and need to download Google fonts. Thanks for this!

  • thankful.
    thnk u.

  • Downloaded the whole package and installed but the fonts still wouldn’t apear in my font book. What am I doing wrong?

    • I’m having the same problem.  I tried to drag them into fontbook, and it looks like it imports them, but they aren’t showing up.  Restarted fontbook with no success.

  • my mistake! thank you so much for doing this! (:

  • An Update! Awesome!

  •  Thanks! Pain in the rear to download 1 by 1.

  • You have no idea what a HUGE help this is for me!!!!! Thank you, thank you!!!!! Now I can take a nap. ;) JK!

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  • Thanks for bundling them so nice!
    Can i use this Fonts in a paid Android app or is is only for web?
    Are there any license consideration?

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  • absolutely what I needed, thank you!

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    •  thanks you for mail, all need you to do is to send your email address so that we can give us follow up and tell you what to do,

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  • Thank you!

  • Thank you!

  • Starred. Thanks Joe!

  • I’m so glad you did this, I was very frustrated when I couldn’t just say… select all. lol

  • it took me a minute to see where and how to donwload the archive because the link is styled like a google ad.

    • Sorry about that, I’ve been using that style of secondary type for a very long time. And if I was trying to be sneaky and generate ad hits, wouldn’t that be exactly the wrong way of doing it?

      (Ads are only on this page because I’m paying for the S3 bandwidth when traffic goes over the free-tier cap. So far, I’m up one latte–which I drank already)

  • Sweeeeet! Thanks.

  • Please i need arabic fonts.

  • Thanks mate! Really useful…

  • any updates???

    • updated, thanks for the reminder

  • Not that it has not been said, THANK YOU, JOE!!!!!

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    At numerous search inquiries, I have always been satisfied by result.

  • Thanks so much! You rock man!

  • grrr8

  • You seem to be missing certain face styles (like for Terminal Dosis you only have ‘light’ and lack bold, semi-bold, medium, etc.)

    Anyways, trying out googles method of downloading now

  • Great resource, thanks for keeping it up! These fonts are invaluable to web designers….

  • Thanks so much for pulling this together!

  • Joe this is brilliant!! Massive help mate. 316 Google web Fonts = GOOD GOING!!
    Call me demanding, or greedy, but I noticed Google have now got 403 web fonts.. wondered if you were gunna be updating the zip files for the more impatient of us out there :) 

  • When I download the googlefonts file – its a 47.4 mb file… and when I unpack it… it has a file that isnt recognized by windows…

  • Just wanted to say thank you!

  • I really like google fonts. Thanks for your share.

  • Thank you, Joe

  • Totally agree, I find it really clumsy to experiment with the fonts while building a webpage, Thanks a lot for this easy access.


  • Thankyou ever so much

  • thank you kind soul :)

  • thanks for doing this!

  • you are amazing, thank you – i love you.

  • Is there a way to setup hg with a .hgignore that allows on to keep the googlefontdirectory folder in /library/fonts/ such that it can be updated with hg and not clobbered with all the extra stuff?  I tried setting it up, but didn’t get it working (I know GIT and a little SVN, but never touched HG before).  


  • thx bro

  • Thanks !

  • Many thanks for this!.

  • great, thnx!

  • thanks ….. 

  • This is so useful, thanks!

  • Thanks a million!

  • Thanks a lot. I have been always looking for a way to incorporate the google fonts in photoshop. You save my day! Great work.

  • Thanks so much, super handy – they definitely don’t make it easy to get all the fonts at once.

  • This was going just peachy until I extracted the file. All I get is 106MB file called “googlewebfonts” with no extension. I even tried adding a *.TGZ extension, but ExtractNow says that it cannot open the archive. Any suggestions? I’m running Win7-64 bit.

  • Amazing. Your efforts are much appreciated.

  • somehow googling ‘google fonts download’ brought me to your page! you must be popular!! thanks joe! – yasuyo

  •  Why oh why would you pack EACH and EVERY font in it’s own folder???? *facepalm*

  • Thanks.

  • thanks ❤

  • THANK YOU!!!

  • Thanks, you are great!

  • Amazing! Thank you!

  • can you update it for the latest collection? it is over 1.3gb now.

  • muchas gracias JOE!

  • muchas gracias JOE!

  • This is great. I wrote a small shell script to automatically download, extract and merge the font files periodically so I know our server always has the latest versions. Good stuff!

  • You are unbelievably brilliant. Thank you so much for these fonts.

  • This is awesome. Many many thanks!!!

  • Thanks a lot joe !

  • Bless you.

  • Thsi is a good new fo0r bloggers..thanks,,,,,That is wonderful. Could you email me your contact info and I will add you to the lists? Naukri

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