Spent the evening lurking in the NYCFCPUG (New York City Final Cut Pro User Group) meeting at the Soho Apple Store. Of the product demos, the one that most caught my imagination was the particle system in discreet’s combustion (um, the all lowercase thing is kind of goofy and dated). It’s not that I want to use particles for anything specific, it just looked like fun to play with. Years ago I received a copy of KPT Final Effects and spending hours rendering little useless particle animations simply because they were beautiful to watch. Those same animations now preview in realtime and interact with the user input.

This brings me to something I’ve been thinking about dabbling into sooner or later: OpenGL. OpenGL is the graphics rendering engine used many 3D games and applications, and seems to have a terrific particle foundation to play with. The NeHe OpenGL tutorials look like a great place to start. Sites like that are something I aspire to create; curiosity acted upon and given back to inspire others.

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link: Nov 19, 2002 1:47 am
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