Dear Blue 9 Burger

New York is a hamburger heaven. (NYT) I think I know what I’m having for lunch…


Dear Blue 9 Burger,
The decision to accept so large an order that you are unable to serve any walk-in customers during the lunch rush on the day you’re featured in the New York Times is just plain stupid.

In the meantime, my lunch plans were completely scuttled by a cascade of events set in motion by Blue 9’s inability to serve me. Now I’m hungry and annoyed, Lila is finally napping and our upstairs neighbors seem to be hammering on something over her room.

update 2:

So I didn’t get there for lunch, but I did make it for dinner. And I met the woman who I referred to as ‘stupid’. And I felt like a heel. Because I am. She’s very nice, and they’ve been completely swamped all day. I overheard two employees commenting on how the register totals were more than three times a normal day’s take, and they still had several hours to go before closing.

As for the burgers, they live up the to Times’ review. Well worth a visit.

(I forgot to ask, but I’m fairly sure they only serve beef burgers, no turkey, no veggie. It’s a small menu, to match the west coast burger drive-thrus it’s modeled after.)

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