You don’t stop because you get old…

This is Ruth Frith, in August she’ll be 102 years old. In 2009, at the age of 100, she competed in the World Masters Games and set six world records for her age group.

A year later in October 2010, at 101 years old, she bested her own record in the hammer throw. 11.3 meters (just over 37 feet). The hammer weighs 2kg (4.4 lbs).

She currently holds 8 WMA records for shot put, hammer throw, discus throw, javelin throw, weight throw, long jump and triple jump. Those last two have stood for 15 years.

80 year old runner O Santa Claus (he legally changed his name from Elvis Kipman) ran the 10k and 100m races…barefoot.

He wasn’t alone. Osmo Millridge took home a silver medal for the 2000m Steeplechase and a bronze medal for the 300m Long Hurdles in the 75-79 age group. Also barefoot.

The title is a reference to a quote by the late Jack Kirk, aka the Dipsea Demon,

You don’t stop running because you get old,
you get old because you stop running.

Photo credits: Ruth Frith (1, 2) and O Santa Claus (1): Mark Nolan (Getty Images AsiaPac). Osmo Millridge: Phil Hillyard (Daily Telegraph 2009-10-19, via Southside Masters)

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  •  It really very inspiring post. I never think or see these kind of old people full of energy. What is the secrete of their energy. Share with us.

  • O Santa Claus is a man after my heart. Brings back memories of my younger days.I an  not as old as Santa, but I ran all my races from 5k to 100mile and 24 hr races. Once I ran a 24 hr race, finished at 9am Sunday got chalenged and ran a 10k at 10am. I used to run the midnight10k run in NYC Central Park New years eve, in costume. I would the fly back to Rochester NY and run a 7 mile race at 11am at Mendon Park, all barefooted. Some day it would be an honor to run with Santa.

  • Here is another one known by Fauja Singh(, if you haven’t heard of him before. “Old is a state of mind”

  • Sorry the link was typed wrong. Here is the correct link –

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