At some point in the past week or two I seem to have burned out on blogs. Maybe it had something to do with the brilliant NetNewsWire, which, while helping me read more efficiently, also helps see how many sites I regularly visit (about 75 different sites averaging 350+ new postings a day) and how often those sites overlap or otherwise have nothing much to say. I wish NNW was more of an aggregator and less of a collector. I’d love to be able to quickly see when different sites linked to the same places.

Maybe it’s just because I’m busy, but I can’t bear to visit some of my old regulars. Seeing the same set of memes go around in circles like so much pseudo-intellectual spam, suffering through an increasing barrage of “Blogosphere trumps old media”, slogging through battles of political punditry and anti-punditry, pounding my head while a few otherwise interesting people worry desperately about the pointless act of choosing an ideological label, or any number of other new weblog cliches [like this one (a twofer)] has started to get depressing.

So I barely read anything last week, and from what I could glean by hopping around today, I don’t seem to have missed much. I need new souces.

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link: Nov 08, 2003 11:18 pm
posted in: misc.