Model airplane crosses Atlantic

The Spirit of Butts Farm (photo is not Maynard HillModel airplane crosses Atlantic. It gets even better, The Spirit of Butts Farm was designed by Maynard Hill, a 77 year old retired engineer who is legally blind and partially deaf (photo is not Mr Hill.). The plane sent its location data via satellite to an AOL email address, weighed less than 11 pounds, and flew more than 1800 miles from Canada to Ireland in 38 hours using less than 1 gallon of fuel.

This story is from August, but is one that I find totally inspiring.

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  •  most large  R.C. airplanes  get  6 miles per gallon, he got 1800 miles per gallon. with the radio system as extra weight and the weight of a 8 lbs , something is very wrong with this story. The total weight is only 11 pounds . The plane must have been less than 3 oz. Ans get the best mileage I ever heard of . Come people you are being played  a fool.

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