Final Cut Pro on MacBook Pro…Pro

On my previous MacBook Pro post, Ted asked, “Will the new intel Apple computers allow us to load our current version of Final Cut Pro 5?”

Probably not, but I ordered one anyway.

Jobs said in the keynote that all Apple’s pro apps would be universal binaries in March. Also on Apple’s MacBook Pro Core Duo page they list an FCP benchmark with an footnote indicating they tested with beta apps.

Apple will be offering a $49 crossgrade for pro apps.

Universal applications are designed to run flawlessly on both Intel- and PowerPC-based Mac computers. Universal versions of Final Cut Studio, Logic Pro, Logic Express, and Aperture will be available by March 31, 2006.

If you own a current PowerPC version of one of these products, you’re eligible for a low-cost “crossgrade” to the Universal version when it becomes available.

“Not supported” doesn’t mean “doesn’t work”, but for $49 (yes, another $49) the apps should be good to go. Based on past history, whatever new thing is announced at NAB will be another paid upgrade (there are already FCP6 rumors). So if you’re not going to be immediately updating your hardware to Intel, it would probably be wise to wait until April to see what’s next for FCP. That $49 could be put towards the next upgrade.

I’m guessing March is when we’ll see the pro towers refreshed. I’m also expecting to see new 17 and 12 inch MacBooks sometime in February, maybe just after the MacBook Pros start shipping, much like the iPod Video was announced on October 12th, only 5 weeks after releasing the iPod Nano on September 7th. My longshot prediction has the end of the iBook brand as well, with iBooks becoming sans-pro MacBooks based on single-core Intel chips. Too bad, I liked the name iBook much more than MacBook.

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  • Final Cut will probably work. Since the Intel Macs have a PowerPC “emulator”, called Rosetta, you will be able to run non-Intel compiled applications. It may be a bit slower then on a regular Mac, but it will work. (I’ve tried)

  • My question is how would the new Intel tower measure up against the current G5 tower..on FCP5 say du/\l 2.0 ghz model

  • actually my concern is I want a pro laptop real bad… and i was just about to buy one when i heard the processors were not being used to full potential yet… so i worried if i bought one now and they have some sort of upgrade on a new version of it I would be s.o.o.l. any ideas? Im new to owning a mc but ive used them for years.

  • I haven’t heard anything about processors not being fully utilized, the only real bug I’ve heard with Intel Macs involves wireless networking speeds. Even if there were a processor utilization issue, that sounds like something which could be fixed in software. The Airport bandwidth issue is probably software too, Intel’s wireless chips have been around a long time.

  • In response to Leo’s post, Power PC versions of Final Cut Pro HD will NOT run on the Macbook. Upon intalling the software and trying to run it, I was prompted that the application could not run due to the fact that the system does not have a video card that supports the program. While this does not logically follow, this has been tested on multiple machines with the same result.

  • In response to Jesse’s post Ive tried it as well, only to be told I don’t have the required RAM (being 512MB), which I do. I assume this is also the same issue? Although interestingly the smaller accompanying apps work such as compressor and such, has anyone else found this?!?

  • To everyone trying to get older versions of FCP running on Intel: Get the crossgrade ASAP. FCP 5.1 is amazing. Everything is much, much faster and seems more stable too.

  • It can work w/ a quick adjustment.

    1. ctrl click FCP icon
    2. select view package contents
    3. w/in contents, find and, in text edit, open “info.plist”
    4. find AGP and change it to PCI.
    5. save the file.

    works a treat – source:

    • Hi – I tried the .plist edit and I cannot even find AGP in any of the text, even if I scan it myself.

      Also, it’s a non-editable file so I cannot save changes…?

      I’m trying ti install FinalCut Studio 5 HD onto a 13″ MacBook Pro / Snow Leopard 10.6+

  • We just got FCP 5.0.4 working on a Quad 3GHz Mac Pro no problem at all. All I read, all over the internet was that you need 5.1, that FCP won’t run under Rosetta. Bull crap. WTF? Why the lies from Apple, or did we somehow get lucky?

  • Help! when I click to save the info.plist it asks me to save it as another file, is there a way around this?

  • DaterBone: you probably did not open it in textedit. The app that it defaults to is something else (I experienced the same thing).

    Open textEdit separately and then drag the Info.plist file onto the TextEdit icon in the dock (or drag it onto TextEdit in you applications folder).

    When you open it in TextEdit, it should work.

    Mike: THANK YOU.

  • or open it in the default, save it as info.plist.003 (it won’t do it another way) then click and erase the .003 part, place it in the folder where the original info.plist is located and: voila, maybe it’s a lot of trouble with the renaming, but AGP is a lot easier to find in OmniOutliner

  • So you can run FCP 5.0.4 on a Mac Pro Two DCIntell?

    I’d love to know.



  • Clever sods! Many thanks for posting info on the mod for FCP4 for an Intel machine. Works a treat. A++++

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  • Hi

    newbee with mac just come to the light from pc, brought a new macbook pro for editing and downloaded final cut express hd, and when i opened it it said unble to because my MBP did not have a ‘AGP graphic card???? I thought MBP could handle this software with the GF8600m GT 128 mb. please help and advise if this is common to get another graphics card???

  • Thanks Mike! That trick worked perfectly!

  • Mike,

    Thank you for the excellent advise. I was stunned when I first
    attempted to open FCP on my new MacBook Pro.
    Now it runs!!!


  • Hope someone can help. I have a Macbook Pro and am trying to run FCE HD 3.0. I tried the workaround suggested above (changing AGP to PCI) but it doesn’t seem to work. I no longer get the error message, but the app still won’t launch.

    Any other thoughts??

  • Amazing. so simple yet effective. of course Apple would come out and say it…

    Thank you!

  • well i bought a brand new mac book pro just a couple of weeks ago. When I tried installing final cut pro studio 5 i got a message saying “Hardware does not support this program.”