Joe’s iPhoto AppleScripts updated for iPhoto 6

I just posted updated versions of my iPhoto Date Manipulation AppleScripts which now work with iPhoto 6.

This is definitely the best version of iPhoto yet, but the biggest positive change regarding scripting is that dates are now read/write properties. Before dates were read-only strings whose format would sometimes vary. Because dates can now be set as AppleScript date objects my long nightmare of UI scripting can finally come to a end. No more need to internationalize ambiguous dates, no more counting interface splitter groups to figure out what was visible, no more “keystroke”, and no more appallingly slow performance.

Another good part is that all my date logic was abstracted using proper date objects, so that all translated perfectly. Once I noticed that dates were finally writable, it took very little time to update the specific routines to work with the new version.

Now I feel like it would actually be worth my time to create Automator actions, the absurdly delicate nature of UI scripting would have previously made that a nightmare.

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link: Jan 22, 2006 1:23 am
posted in: Mac OS X
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