Final Cut Pro is Universal

So Final Cut Studio is now available as a Universal Application, with less than 48 hours left in March. I have zero credibility talking about software release dates, so I’ll stop there.

Apple’s crossgrade tracking page doesn’t show mine as shipped yet.* Looking forward to being able to move Joe’s Filters development over to my new MacBook.

* It shipped a few hours after posting this, now I’ve really got to get this documentation online so I can use it… (I’m not transferring everything to the MacBook until the new docs for Joe’s Filters are online)

  • Jack Rosebro

    Hello Joe – I don’t know if you remember me, but I was a Fine Art major at ACCD when you were there. Wish I’d remembered that you lived in New York, as I was just there for a week doing some work for the city. I have an environmental company, and I was teaching them about hybrid vehicle technology. You’d think I majored in Trans or something.

    I ran into your website while Googling for an article on Phil Hays in the NYT. I just heard that he passed away, and I’m glad to see that you had a chance to say some words about him.

    Be well, write if you wish!