iPod photo Cache, deleted

Apple Support Document 300225: Photo Sync creates iPod photo Cache:

When using iTunes to sync photos to iPod photo, iTunes creates a folder called iPod photo Cache in the top level of the folder you selected for your photos. Picking another folder to sync does not erase the previous iPod photo Cache.

Depending on how many photos are being synced, the hard drive could fill up.

Drag the folder named iPod photo Cache to the Trash or Recycle Bin.

Sure enough, poking around in there I found cache files from 2005. so I moved some of that clutter over from my old PowerBook to the new MacBook Pro.

Juggling free space is always an issue for me, deleting this folder recovered almost 3 GB.

I noticed this folder while showing Disk Inventory X to a friend.

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  • I don’t have a camera so on my video ipod, the photos are copyed and pasted into folder called My Pictures on my desktop.I opened itunes and changed my photo prefrences so that when i plug in my ipod all my pictures from the folder on my desktop will automatically sync into my ipod.My computer crashed though and now i don’t know what to do.I am afraid that i will plug in my ipod and everything will be erased.There is nothing in the current my pictures folder so all my photos will be erased with whats in the current my pictures folder,which is nothing.What should i do?

  • Create a new user account on your Mac, log into that account and then plug in the iPod. iTunes will act the same as if you were plugging into a different computer. No music or photos will sync because the iPod isn’t associated with the new user’s library.

    To retrieve photos you may need to use the Terminal, this TUAW article is a good start on how:
    Terminal Tips: The iPod’s File Structure

    Applications like PodUtil or PodWorks might help to retrieve your stuff from the iPod. I used to use PodWorks, but haven’t used any of those in a few years.

  • Is there a way to view the pictures in my ipod photo cache on my pc? My ipod dumped my pics.

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