WWDC 2006 predictions


  • Mac Pro with Quad Processors, or at least 2x dual-cores Right!
  • New case for Mac Pro, the G5 enclosure needed to be huge mostly for heat management, Intel’s chips won’t need enormous radiators like the G5s did. I’m feeling high-gloss black, maybe. Wrong.
  • Intel XServes Right!
  • The return of 64bit CPUs. Right!
  • Price drop on Cinema Displays, possibly with some new features, most likely a camera. If resolution independence is included in Leopard, higher-resolution may be offered, but I don’t see how they could sell high-resolution displays without supporting scaled UI features in the OS. Perhaps an add-on to 10.4? If there’s a significant surface redesign to the Mac Pro, displays might be redone to match. Maybe dropping “cinema” from the name too. Right! and sort of Wrong. too.
  • Possible updates to MacBook Pros. These might include the rumored switch to Core2 Duo chips (obvious, but when? I don’t think Jobs really wants to stand up in front of several thousand developers, ask them how many are now using Intel Macs, then tell them those machines are obsolete. Especially when most of those developers just spent a laptop on admission to WWDC.) Other changes might include a MacBook like drive replacement rejiggering, which I’d welcome, even though gutting a MacBook Pro isn’t nearly as bad as the 15” G4. Right!, basically.
  • A new sub-notebook to replace the much-loved 12” PowerBook. It will be significantly pared down, causing much consternation from those wanting a 12” replacement and much joy from those wanting a sub-notebook. (This one is a longshot, but not totally implausible.) Wrong.
  • Mac Pros with dual GPUs or paired video cards. Also a shift to NVidia, mostly to appease Intel after AMD bought ATI. (I’m convinced the ATI/AMD purchase will lead to only two hardware choices for PCs; Intel-Nvidia and AMD-ATI. Intel might as well just buy NVidia since ATI’s stuff will likely be optimized for AMD hardware.) Close. NVidia is in, but no paired GPU cards and ATI is still a build-to-order option.


  • Subversion becomes part of the base OS X install. If not the base install at least installed with XCode and the Developer tools. (I will be among those cheering this one) Right! it’s in there!
  • Resolution Independent displays in OS X (I will immediately start running at 80%, just for the smaller menu bar) Wrong. not yet.
  • iChat improvements, demo’ed with Phil Schiller. Right! Right!
  • Quartz 2D Extreme will have been cleaned up, renamed and turned on by default. Close.
  • Some sort of gaming initiative, to encourage and make game-development easier on Macs. Wrong.
  • Color coding for mailboxes in Wrong. Notes and todos aren’t what I was hoping for.
  • Significantly better video handling user experience in iTunes. Wrong.
  • Some sort of network-collaborative document framework. Wrong.
  • Garbage collection in Objective C. This was sort of leaked a while back. Right!


  • No new iPod, wrong audience and not enough press. Right!
  • Virtualization, I thought Apple might do it, but now I’m doubtful. Partly because of Parallels, partly because it kind of undermines the MacOS. (Brent thinks Apple might buy them) Wrong.
  • QuickTime Pro license included with .Mac subscription. This will never happen, but it should. An alternative would be a free QT pro license with each iPod or after so many songs purchased from the iTunes Music Store. Wrong. no surprise.
  • iTunes Music Store renamed to iTunes Store. Probably not at WWDC, but it will happen. Wrong.
  • No iPhone. Not because of any technological hurdles, rather due to the bone-headedness of American wireless carriers. So yeah, this is totally fake. Right!


  • Either Adobe will demo CS3 on Intel during the Keynote or Quark will be invited onstage to show off XPress. Wrong. Wrong.
  • Before the zillion derivitive cards were posted, I would have expected Jobs to pre-empt John Siracusa’s WWDC Keynote Bingo card if events had lined up. Imagine a slide that just said “Bingo” before something good, at which point the crowd, knowing what’s coming, would have gone completely nuts. But now that there are a bunch of variants, the fun is sort of gone. The most reliable “wins” in the original card would be diagonal up from “New kernel in Leopard”, and across from “‘New’ Finder in Leopard”, which just aren’t all that exciting. Wrong., Wrong., Wrong. One guy in front of me did have a card printed out, but no one yelled anything.
  • TextMate will win some sort of Apple Design Award. Allan more than deserves it. Right! Go Allan!
  • David Watanabe will not win an Apple Design Award. No matter how much he deserves one and how beautiful NewsFire is, David wrote Acquisition and Hell will freeze before he’s invited on stage by Apple. Still, I hope I’m wrong. Right!, unfortunately.

This is a mix of what I think we’ll see and what I’d really like to see, hopefully there will be some crossover. I meant to post this last week, but forgot to (life distractions aplenty). A few things were added after seeing the buzzkill banner this morning. I’ll update this post after the keynote to see how I did.

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