MacWorld 07 Roundup

So I was 6 for 25, ouch. That’ll teach me for throwing too many things out there. How’d other MacHeads do?

  • Dan Benjamin: 4 of 18, also totally wrong about the iPhone.
  • Mike Davidson: 3 of 10, mostly right about the iPhone.
  • Steven Frank: 1 for 2, he’s going to be very, very happy in June. (yep)
  • John Gruber: 5 of 13, he got the iPhone mostly right.
  • Daniel Jalkut: Let’s say 50%, he was kind of vague and didn’t mention OS X.

In all of our defense, the fact that there was absolutely no mention of 10.5 severely affected our scores. A bunch of these predictions will probably come to pass whenever Apple gets around to demoing Leopard.

As usual, it was a lot of fun, congratulations to Bruce for landing himself in the 9th row.


Best wrong quote about the iPhone comes from Steven Frank again:

“Apple’s about “the whole widget” and I can’t imagine them making you suffer some idiot at a Cingular store who can’t figure out which data plan you need, but it’s probably this one ’cause he heard that MACs have a problem with this other one because MACs don’t use TCP/IP networks or DNS and you have to use the AppleTalk Chooser or something I dunno Gary the Apple Guy should be back after lunch but check out this awesome RAZR.

While I’m suitably blown away by the iPhone, there is quite a bit of lingering disappointment that this great phone will still be hamstrung by Cingular’s crappy contracts and customer service. Somewhat pathetically, Cingular may be rebranded as AT&T (once again) by the time the iPhone goes on sale.

My cell phone, of which I am not fond, is currently through Verizon. We’ve got a somewhat convoluted multi-phone business/family plan, so it’s probably going to be a pain in the butt to move to Cingular. Yay.

There’s plenty of griping in the IRC channels about being Cingular only. I agree that it definitely feels like a letdown. If it were Cingular with a complete re-thinking of the contract and customer service model, I’d be more excited. Cingular itself was the only real choice since  the other large US wireless carriers are all CDMA networks. But no matter how great the phone is, contracts and the same-old cell phone service crap will bring down the whole experience. Perhaps it was a bad omen that Jobs clickers broke after Cingular took the stage.
On the positive side, it seemed as though the iPhone will be able to run third-party apps. If it really is running MacOS X, then Mac developers should be able to port their apps to run on the phone without too much fuss. This is outstanding news and could finally lead to the level of personalization and customization I’ve dreamed about having in a phone.


Very surprising that the AppleTV will be shipping without common Standard Definition connectors. Essentially it’s a HD playback device with no clear source of HD content aside from movie trailers. The AppleTV TV Compatibility description underlines this:

Enhanced-definition or high-definition widescreen TVs capable of 1080i 60/50Hz, 720p 60/50Hz, 576p 50Hz (PAL format), or 480p 60Hz

Those are all HDTV or recent SDTV requirements. HD has to come to iTunes soon.

The Name Change

I’m curious whether or not Apple’s name change to Apple Inc. has anything to do with the most recent Apple Corps lawsuit and the Beatles music library. Jobs used “Lovely Rita Meter Maid” for one of the demos, either he was taunting Apple Corps’ or something is up with iTunes and the Beatles.


Wow. While Steve Jobs was unveiling the iPhone, the value of Apple increased by more than 5 billion dollars. Five billion dollars, out of thin air, because of a great speech and a new product that won’t ship until June.