FCP Capture from Canon HV10

When attempting to capture footing into FCP from the Canon HV10 camcorder, I got the following message:

Unable to Initialize Capture Device Device is not connected or the capture preset is not setup correctly. You may still log offline clips. This might also happen if you play DV footage in an HDV device.

It turns out that something in either FCP or the HV10 is very finicky about the camcorder’s power source. Here are a few solutions:

  1. Close the Log & Capture window, plug the camcorder into wall power, re-open Log & Capture.
  2. Open iMovieHD. Just opening iMovieHD seems to be enough to kickstart the FireWire connection. iMovieHD was able to read and capture from the camcorder even when FCP couldn’t.

I haven’t had the issue pop up at all when running on wall power. It may be related to a low charge camcorder battery.

Occasionally, when correcting the state of the camcorder, FCP’s Log & Capture window gets stuck and won’t close. I haven’t found any way to close it other than restarting FCP.