Blue 9 Bummer

So apparently the NYC Department of Health has shut down Blue 9 Burger. Too bad, they’d only just turned that place around.

I used to like the burger there as a late-night option, a sort of California ex-pat drive-thru reminiscence. However I stopped going a few years ago. Declining food quality wasn’t the main reason, it was an insultingly stupid staff. The miscreants they had working there were just horrible, I decided that any place willing to hire morons like that wasn’t getting my money and deserved to go out of business.

This January, for some reason (coincidentally the four year anniversary of my first visit), I decided to give them another try. Amazingly, they’d fired everyone and hired a completely new crew with a decent work-ethic. The quality of the food was as good or better than when they first opened.

The place was never especially clean, but I’ve seen far worse and gotten sick at far better. More amazing though, that the Dept of Health has all this information online now. Bloomberg’s New York is all about transparency.

Found via East Village Idiot.

Update: Blue 9 was back open after about a week. The burger I had the other night was again better than they’ve made in several years. No discernible differences I saw in the kitchen or anywhere else.

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link: Mar 07, 2007 11:44 pm
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