I’m rich with drug stores.

If New York City can’t have a bank on every corner, we definitely need a drug store every 300 feet.

new Duane Reade

Duane Reade will soon open a new store on the ground floor of my building. That makes at least seven drug stores within about a quarter mile of my front door. If I went out to a half mile, that number would easily triple. While this isn’t quite Greenpoint Avenue Rite Aid silly, I think we’re covered in the drug store department.

Here’s a map showing all the drug stores within a quarter mile of my apartment:

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And their approximate distances:

New Duane Reade
50 feet
Old Duane Reade (across 14th St)
240 feet
CVS (around the corner on First Ave)
375 feet
Walgreens (the old Elm Drug on First)
1060 feet
Duane Reade (Third Ave & 14th)
1120 feet
Rite Aid (14th btw Ave A & Ave B)
1280 feet
Duane Reade (Third Ave & 18th St)
1840 feet

It’s remarkable how Duane Reade turned this space around, it seems like about a month since they started construction and they’ve started stocking the shelves already. The Walgreen’s at Astor Square (2700 feet away) took far, far longer to open and the space was undoubtedly in better shape, the old Gristedes was a stinking, filthy wreck.

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  • My neighborhood is chock full of drug stores too — also shoe stores, discount housewares and video game outlets. Walking down Brooklyn’s 5th Avenue in the 40s-60s is like looking out the window of a moving car in a cheap film — the scenery keeps repeating every couple of blocks.

  • Being that Rite Aide on 1st and 14th didn’t have what I wanted I went to the darkened windows of the Old Duane Reade only to gaze up on a sign that pointed out had I not been so self absorbed I would have noticed the glowing box that is the New Duane Reade on 14th btwn 1st & 2nd. Big shinning space (the electricity that place must use is scary), alas they didn’t have what I needed. Oh, well, might as well check out the Duane Reade at 14th and 3rd. If they don’t have it, I know Walgreens does….

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