Gameface at Brownies, December 16, 2001

Gameface played at Brownies last night. I’ve seen them play three or four times, and this was the best set I’ve been to. It wasn’t as crowded as some of their past shows, but they sounded good and people seemed to enjoy the music.

Toward the end of the set the band showed a coherence and energy I haven’t seen them play with before. Awkward Age and Pirate Song flowed into each other, darting into solos and improvisations including a few moments of Tom Petty’s American Girl. The band’s last song was Balance, which they played like a violent mood swing, drifting between anger and regret and finally settling into a calm, exhausted finish. The band left the stage while Jeff stayed on to played a semi-acoustic solo of Everybody Shines, a new song I hadn’t heard before.

Todd and Jeff of Gameface, December 16, 2001

Many of Gameface’s albums are available from Amazon and most have RealAudio(blech) previews. A lot of their stuff is floating around as MP3s, but they’re still a small band, so buying their CDs definitely helps them keep playing.

Salmon Rushdie’s was once asked who his favorite artists were. “My friends,” he said. I agree. I’ve known Todd and Jeff for 15 years, and I always look forward to seeing them when Gameface plays NYC.

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