At about 9:50 yesterday morning, someone blasted my webcam with a hose. At least that’s the nearest thing I can figure out from the images. Even though it’s weatherproof, some water apparently got inside and immediately condensed on the backside of the lens, fogging the image.

Here’s the progression of images:

webcam 9:39am

A hose appears on the sidewalk

webcam 9:49am

Looking through water drops, a ladder appears near the bike

webcam 9:59am border=1 vspace=4

Could be a high-pressure water hose on the sidewalk near the tree

webcam 10:09am

The image clears up, water seen draining into gutter

webcam 10:29am

20 minutes later, ladder is gone and condensation starts to obscure the image

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link: Dec 17, 2001 4:36 am
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