Years ago, a few of the folks in Digital’s Semiconductor Engineering Group plugged a pickle into the wall. It glowed.

The above quote comes from a site detailing the discovery that, when plugged into a wall outlet, Kimchi regulates electricity as it glows, essentially becoming a light emitting vegetable diode. (found at

The first time I heard about the “Electric Pickle”, I nearly passed out laughing. I’ve never personally witnessed the phenomenon, thankfully someone posted electric pickle photos and a quicktime movie.

Though probably not the origin of the idea, here is one of the earliest electric pickle accounts with an explanation.

Matt Reilly, witness to and publisher of the glowing kimchi page, links to some old web classics. One of my favorites that I haven’t seen in a long time is George Goble’s home page where he uses liquid oxygen to light (and vaporize) a barbecue grill.

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