artlist, by Joe Maller

Started: May 6, 1994 12:14 PM
Last entry: February 19, 1998
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Art is money with meaning.
Art is history.
Art is the search for new answers to old questions.
Art is old questions with ignored answers.
Art is meaningful, even after the death of meaning.
Art tries to liberate the mind.
Art frees.
Art Freezes.
Art walk, Art talk. If you can't talk the talk, don't walk the.
Art is not just painting anymore.
This is Art.
Art is not necessarily art.
Illustration is not art, unless it is really, really old.
Art is cynical.
Art is depressing.
Art is an uplifting depression.
I want my art.
Fry up some art for the party tonight.
Art is good with mustard.
Art's real gift is in it's creation, all that anyone else sees is.
the corpse.
Art is ego.
Art is high in cholesterol.
Art come equipped with dual twin-cam outboard motors.
I like Art, but not always art.
Art art.
Nineteen inch diagonal art, with remote.
Art is the blend between heaven and hell.
Art sucks.
Art is dead.
Art suffers the indignity of school.
Art is a survivor.
Art is a dictator.
Art doesn't need to be art to still be Art.
Technique is not Art.
Technique is art.
Art is unsuccessful masturbation.
Art is always sexual these days.
Edible Art.
Caught in the act of Art.
Art slept with art.
Glue Art everywhere you see.
Glue art.
Art is fun.
Art is death.
Art is worthless in a capitalist economy.
Did I mention Art?.
The Ten Books of Art.
Crack art.
Listen to Art once a week.
Is this Art or just art.
Art Master.
Art Fiend.
Don't call me art.
Call me Art.
Don't speak to me in that tone of Art.
Scrounge art.
Trash art.
Young art.
Annoying Art.
Challenging art.
Art for your wall.
Art for your hall.
Art for them not you.
I need no art.
Just a pinch of Art in that art.
I like old art better than Art.
Contemporary Art.
Installation Art.
Art vark.
My friends call me Art.
Don't touch Art.
Touch art.
Own the best Art you can afford.
See Art while you are still young.
Don't touch my Art.
I know Art when I see it.
Oh, I make Art, what do you do?.
Scoff Art.
Art with mass.
Art for the masses.
I need help to lift my Art.
Well Arted.
Commercial art.
Commercial art is not Art unless it's fifty years old and German.
I can't afford to make Art right now.
Get an Art job.
Fuck Art.
Go fuck your own art.
Sleep with Art.
Dream of Art.
Art dreams are best.
Art through me for a loop.
Martial art.
Meaningful Art.
This is Art too.
Art lies.
I like the smell of fresh Art.
Nostalgia art.
Sentimental art.
The authors that help art.
Art's favorite authors are all french.
Teach your children about Art.
I can make things that look like Art.
High Art.
Low art.
Teach your parents about art.
Speak Art.
Time decides what is good Art.
I got a grant for my Art.
Tuck your Art in and kiss it goodnight.
Multimedia art.
Digital art.
Religious art.
Pop art.
bob art.
Op art.
-ist art.
Broom closet art.
Nihilist art.
Happy art.
Bright art.
Light art.
Dark art.
Dark ages Art.
Pretentious art.
Have an extramarital affair with Art.
(ärt) n.
Spread your Art out over time.
Don't neglect art.
Please don't arrest me for Art.
My mother doesn't understand Art.
No one understands my Art.
Art is pain.
You can never know the depths of my Art.
Fax art.
Flat art.
Art on the rocks.
The State Art.
Really, really happy colorful Art.
Communist Art.
Good Art.
Bad Art.
Indifferent Art.
The Art of our times.
Art that doesn't get wet in the rain.
disappearing Art.
Arts and crafts.
Easy Art.
Art fair.
Art school.
I need more Art in my life.
The Art of..
I hate dead baby art.
All yesterdays sick jokes have become todays challenging art.
The commandments of Art.
I fold all my Art.
Big Art is best.
Take on the Art World.
I live in the Art World.
I am the center of the Art World.
Disrespect Art students.
Art school isn't as hard as real school.
Boring Art.
Normal Art.
Art isn't necessarily.
Take Art home to your family.
Fly Art around the world.
Art will live longer than you.
Don't make to many people angry with Art.
Don't fight over Art.
Illegal Art.
Let Art baby-sit your children.
Art is in your child's school right now.
Art should be locked up.
Art is criminal.
Art lives out in the woods.
Art looks best wearing only a sprig parsley.
Art wears all black.
All Art is true.
Art leads.
Art follows.
Art is using you.
Art has sexual dreams.
Art only wants to be accepted.
Good Art is misunderstood.
Art wants fame.
Art is a great conductor of electricity.
Static art.
Art is sick.
Art is perversion.
Art is taste.
Art is anonymity in conflict with ego.
Art can be cool.
Art can be sublime.
Art doesn't know the definition of sublime.
Art often misses the point.
Art belongs here.
Art should be clean, or really dirty.
Art is like a perpetual adolescence.
I hate Art.
Art lives in the city.
Art failed.
Art schools kill creativity.
Art school survivor.
Art school prodigy.
Art Fame.
Bag art.
QVC Art.
A life of Art doesn't pay.
You can go to jail for Art.
Art doesn't pay.
Art fag.
Nurture Art.
Drug art.
Art that still smells good.
Art like Mom wants you to make.
Penis Art.
Penis-envy Art.
Cook art.
Sale on Art.
Institutional Art.
Big Gallery (must be) Art.
Fine Art.
Finer Art.
Finest Art.
.trA rirroM.
Rose colored art.
Art is Light.
Art is noise.
Art is denial.
Art is filth.
Art is waste.
Art is neurosis.
Art is whatever art isn't right now.
AbEx Art.
Art is quantity.
Art is publicity.
Yell Art.
Art is white.
Art is black.
Art is back.
Art Criticism.
Art Cynicism.
Art Mysticism.
Art Critic.
Fabulous Artist.
Great Artist.
Dead Artist.
Artist still relying upon ideas from two decades ago.
Pretty Art.
Dreary Art.
Uplifting Art.
Spiritual Art.
Breath of fresh Art.
Ruminating Art.
Art slept with your daughter.
Art is all technique.
Find a style, find your art.
Art medium.
Art message.
Art without meaning.
Art without medium.
Invisible art.
Art reads French philosophy.
Ikea Art.
Art was.
Art is.
Art will be again.
Art knows right from wrong.
Art believes that good people earn fame.
Art is disenchanted.
Art cherishes childhood memories as all that really matter.
Art wants simplicity.
Art hides behind transparent veils.
Art archives.
Art is better when it's old.
Art isn't afraid of words.
Art knows the value of money.
Art believes some events can be totally random.
Art lore.
Art supplies.
PBS Art.
Fraudulent Art.
Copies of Art.
Art copied.
Art fears mortality.
Art challenges time.
Art wants to live forever.
Art of self defense.
Self-referential art.
Stained art.
Automatic art.
Art stains.
Written Art.
Art proficiency.
Smooth Art.
Art with old wood in it.
Art with burnt stuff in it.
Art with material meaning.
inherently correct Art.
Politically Correct Art.
Degenerate Art.
Art begins with you.
Art is the hip thing to do.
Killing Art is not possible.
I want a new Art.
Art town.
Honest Art.
Art hurts.
Art moans.
Art is anti it's own establishment.
Art establishment.
Anti-establishment Art.
Lesser Art.
Art contains.
Art runs.
Art ran.
Art will run.
Art without pretense.
Art is wasted here.
Art wastes time.
Art is the glorious exuberance of the representative exclamations.
of the needs of man.
Art challenges definition.
Art is the sum of it's limitations.
Gay Art.
Lesbian Art.
Straight Art.
Nazi Art.
Non Art.
Abortion Art.
Gambling dog art.
Puppy Art.
Dead puppy Art.
Post Card Art.
Lick Art.
Art was molested as a child.
Art's mother secretly hates him.
Art isn't he or she.
Fuck off Art.
Museum Art.
Art by the pound.
Art is an alcoholic.
Art is capable of calculated passions.
Art calculates passion.
Art quotes itself often.
Art stutters.
Art is a story.
Art is a man named Brady.
Art was living with three very lovely girls.
Art was three men.
Art was alone.
Art wishes he could return to the seventies.
Art wants back into the womb.
Art finds tools on the streets.
Art believes he has original ideas.
I am Art.
Art is in you.
Art wants you.
Art walks close to walls.
Art doesn't like to read.
Art isn't afraid of computers.
Art is debilitated by misunderstanding.
The How-To's of Art.
The do's and don't's of Art.
Art should go back to concentrating on trees.
When every one is Art, art becomes Art.
Vice Versa art.
Art simply to get your attention.
Art exceeds it's limitations.
Art is what all the cool people do.
Art has piercings.
Never trust happy Art.
Art hasn't bathed in weeks.
Gummi Art.
AKA Art.
I wish art would just go away.
Art has a closet just like yours.
Art makes effective use of space.
Art works at Kinko's.
Art is interior decorating with trash.
Art doesn't want to behave.
Art suffers.
Tortured Art.
Immature Art.
Mature art.
Premeditated art.
Art knows that love is coercion.
Art wishes he weren't so white.
Art sometimes gets lost in materials.
Is Art a person or a thing?.
Art is an insomniac.
Art loves Jasper.
Art needs to have a lot of sexual references.
Art was a spoiled child.
Dead flower art.
Art for the thinking man.
Neo- Art.
When art is, Art is.
Art News.
Art life.
Art Happening.
I am not an artist, but I play one on TV.
TV Art.
Future Art.
Art is deft.
Art manipulates.
Art pissed in the critics fireplace.
Art loves passionately.
Art hates with remorse.
Art speaks with unknown restraints.
Art doesn't want to fit in yet.
Art wants to be remembered.
Art is lost.
Art misses nature when in the city.
Art misses the city when in nature.
Art has seen the forest.
Art is a good cook.
Art throws wild parties.
Art worries about others discomfort.
Art relates.
Art is your friend.
Art wants absolutes.
Art can't make an absolute statement.
Art should be big.
Art should be small.
Art should weigh a lot.
Art should look old.
Art should be a product.
Art needs nice round numbers.
Art wants 500 lines.
Art has more CDs than you.
Art is taste.
Art does drugs.
Art is a junkie.
Art has read all the right books.
Art disagrees with fundamentalists.
Art is an atheist.
Art is spiritual.
Am I really cut out for Art?.
What if I was only art.
Who makes Art?.
Where can I make Art?.
Want to buy some Art?.
Art and misery are dating again.
All art is suffering.
I dont want any part of this "Art".
Art lives across the river.
Art is always in fashion.
Art is the barometer of fashion.
Art believes aesthetics are a waste of time.
Art is a heretic.
Art is a contrary asshole.
Art rebels.
Art makes lies truth.
Art causes wars.
Art kills.
Art can take an eye out.
Blind art.
Art Blindness.
Art heals the dying.
Art makes the blind see.
Art has the power.
Art is time.
Pawn art.
Art springs eternal.
Quote Art.
Art of merit.
It was the best of art, it was the worst of Art.
Art Film.
Art in the gutter.
Art debt.
American Art.
Asian art.
European Art.
Other art.
Small Art.
Big art.
Art has left the building.
The Art of my youth.
Art has better taste than you.
Art liberates the soul.
Art possesses biting wit.
Calculated art.
Art is a fascist.
Art is right.
Art is right but left.
Art left you behind.
Art has slept with more women than you.
Art has slept with men too.
Art is broke.
Don't fix unbroken art.
Do unto Art as you would have Art do unto you.
Art is sado-masochism.
If you can explain your art, why make it?.
Art is childish need.
Art is full of itself.
Art has lost touch.
Art knows.
Art was right all along.
Art is always the victim.
Art wears other people's clothing.
Art is irresponsible.
Art is beyond responsibility.
The art is the spaces inbetween.
There is art in the GAPs.
Art can be undeniable.
Art relies upon formal challenges.
Happiness is when you don't need Art.
Art wants you to get this.
Art has bad habits.
Art drinks too much.
Art knows right from wrong.
Art blurs the lines of distinction.
Art knows he'll die young.
Art is automatically up to date.
Art is uncomfortable with his mediocrity.
Art is tired.
I saw Art in Los Angeles.
Art lived in Rome for a year or two.
I saw art in New York City.
Art is beyond the majority's questioning.
Art has finally escaped cynicism.
Art believes int he future.
Art has realized his connection with the past.
Art is afraid of telephones.
Art is humor with a dark side.
Art means well.
Controversial art.
Make art quickly.
Art knows no guarantees.
Art wishes for a different career.
I make Art on Sundays.
I made art last week.
I remember the feeling of art.
Art smells like a man.
Art smells good.
Art is wasted on the young.
Art is waste.
Art's waist.
Art space.
Art injured eternity.
Art is quiet desperation.
Art sees pain.
Now is the end of Art.
Art is not dead yet.
Art has more to say.
Art's high.
Art high.
Art can't seem to focus.
Art can't seem to stay focused.
Art's got problems.
Art is good for you.
Art is good for your children.
Sweet art.
Art is a luminous neon sign.
Art is obvious.
Art is everywhere.
Art is whatever art does.
Art is only what you believe it to be.
Art is an atheist.
Art is an aestheticist.
Art needs to feel abandoned.
Please don't neglect your art.
You can't run from art.
Art stalks you in dreams.
You dream art too.
Should art end after a year?.
Art was supposed to be 500 lines.
Art is bigger now.
I should really control my art.
I can't control Art.
Art makes the modern house a little warmer.
Art replaces insulation.
Insulation art.
Art has replaced intuition.
Art intuition.
Art tuition.
You can't see your own Art.
Strategic art.
Ditch art.
I'm waiting for Art.
Lost track of art.
When did art do this to me?.
Bring back my art.
Achy Break Art.
Telltale art.
Art homes.
Art doesn't smile.
Art doesn't laugh.
Art doesn't approve of your lifestyle.
Art thinks you're a yuppie.
Art is a yuppie.
Art chooses hunger.
Bomb art.
People say Art thinks too much.
Art is comfortable with therapy.
Art ignores commitments.
Art sleeps poorly.
Art knows not of which it speaks.
Art has never really been alone.
Art doesn't see Art in the mirror.
I want to give to Art.
Poor Art.
Find and Replace art.
Art is misery.
Art loves company.
Retouch art.
Art measured in bytes.
Art List.
Art Lost.
Art Cost.
Art Frost.
Art stings.
Art sings.
Art accidentally fell into a career.
Art spends too much time hoping.
Art sympathizes with both sides.
Art and the modern office.
The art of disposable living.
The art of disposable loving.
Art lives and loves.
Art loves living.
Art lives for love.
Pre-fab art.
Pre-fabulous artist.
Preach art to the masses.
Whisper art in dark alleys.
Art prefers extreme seasons.
Art is more comfortable with extremes.
Art talks about the middle.
Art travels to quell inspiration.
Art is back again.
Art dreams in color.
Art believes sleep is a waste of time.
Art assistant.
Art assist.
Assist art.
Ass art.
Jack-ass art.
Amazing animals that can paint like DeKooning art.
Art declaration.
The declaration of Art.
The decoration of art.
Art likes sneaky capitalization.
Double entendre art.
Duality is an art-word.
Art wood.
Art with wood.
Art's job makes him happy, but his friends can never know.
Art respects darkness.
Art makes light of darkness.
Dark art.
Dark Angel art.
Dark Phoenix is art.
Arete (with silent e's.)
Art envy's good minglers.
Art arranges genuine encounters.
Art is fed up.
Art is Ketchup.
Art revisited.
Art is one way or the other.
Art could learn from the businessmen.
I wish art didn't make me so sad.
Pills could prevent Art sadness.
Pills could prevent Art.
Art needs to play a musical instrument.
Art wants a personal soundtrack.
All Art's self-worth is based on physical things.
Maybe I'm through with art.
Maybe not.
Art has changed again.
Art is closer to me now.
"We should have lunch" art said, while leaving.
Art never returns.
Trick art into loving you.
Ethics are not a pre-requisite for Art.
Art has nothing to teach.
Art reports.
Art creates.
Art observes.
Art notices.
Art goes unnoticed.
Art probably won't make you rich.
Art won't even make you happy.
Art teaches us to love to cry.
Art knows pain is the root of beauty.
Art knows misery is the root of friendship.
Art is no longer worried about repeating himself.
Art likes 15 watt bulbs.
Art's love is over-bearing.
Art doesn't get out enough.
Art is tiny color televisions with body parts on them.
Art lectures to anyone who will listen.
Art lectures even when no one is listening.
Assisting a famous artist is the fast track to fame.
Art knows success is internal.
Art knows the famous lie.
Art only lies publicly.
Art's public is not very large.
Art is really good at something else, too.
What to do with art?
"Damn it Art!"
"Art, go to your room."
Art has been to bed without supper.
Huge art.
"Ma, Art is pickin' on me again."
Art has never tortured a stuffed animal.
Art can love inanimate things.
Art to span the globe.
Art to flatten the globe.
Art locker.
Art should just finish stuff he's already started.
Art should finish anything.
Art needs to make more productive use of the day.
Art knows all this won't matter much longer.
All art fades.
Art binges and purges everything.
Art creates fantastic obstacles to personal progress.
This art is not a woman, sorry.
Art loved Disney as a child.
Art resents cynicism.
Art takes snapshots of pretty things.
Impressionism would be easier for Art.
Art regrets knowledge and progress.
Art puts words into the mouths of others.
What am I going to do with all this art.
Art is a lot of work.
Is Art worth the trouble?
Art wants to believe in inspiration, but doubt is setting in.
Art is better off without inspiration.
Art still longs to be true.
Is transcendant Art inspired?
Is true Art inspired?
Art wonders if hard work is inspiration.
Art wants to know it all.
Art wonders where talent stops.
Art fears rejection.
Art believes he'll never get better.
Art healing.
Art is only temporary.
I don't feel like art tonight.
Art is all things to all people.
Art never rests.
Art will never leave you alone.
All art matters.
Separation of Art and State.
Art is the tenth Henry.
Art misconstrues even the best intentions.
Art will be with you, always.
Art has broken all ten commandments.
Art is going to hell.
Art knows the way.
Art's been there.
Kosher art.
Halal art.
I can usually find art when I need it.
Compulsive artist.
Frustrated artist.
Deluded artist.
Passive artist.
The artist is dead.
The artist is forgotten.
Mystery artist.
Saxon art.
Art for extraterrestrials.
Art is not for me.
Art is behind you in dreams.
Art is on the shelf opposite the cereal.
Art is a selfish lover.
Art lies to his mother.
Art has become too cynical to reenter the dialogue.
Art shouldn't take up too much space.
Art isn't worth dieing for.
I've gone hungry because of art.
Art has taken away the best years of my life.
Art is almost great.
Art thinks suicide is the best revenge.
Art tries to ignore Jenny Holzer.
Art is uncomfortable with influence.
Everyone has to make the art they have to make.
Art is a good boy.
Art disappeared at the mall.
Art has contacts with the mob.
Art mob.
Mob Art.
Art mop.
The art of a really bad idea.
Really bad art.
Bad art.
My art went bad.
Art like art used to be.
Art wants to bury the past.
Art likes to wallow in the past.
Art believes lost loves are better off.
Art can't remember old friends names.
Art is macrobiotic.
Art is ovo-lacto.
Art eats anything that doesn't eat art first.
Art squanders inspiration.
Art corrupts good intentions.
Art is corrupt.
Art hasn't noticed his gradual slide into evil.
Art lies about necessity.
Art is mentally ill.
Art is vandalism with a political agenda.
Art denies it's agendas.
Art agenda.
Atlas art.
Art is in the dark.
Art is an objective shopper.
Art doesn't have time for a pet.
Art loves gadgets.
Art understands machines.
Encrypted Art.
Altruistic art.
Art money.
Milk art.
Digestion art.
Art of the Lie.
Art of the deal.
Art Dealer.
Rejection art.
Rejected Art.
Art of rejection.
Art opposes untested theories.
Art tries everything.
Art thinks dark colors make rooms look bigger.
Art doesn't trust interior decorators.
Art is ashamed of a fondness for tiny little trees.
Art rebels against rebellion.
Keep your art under 10k.
Striped art.
Art gets distracted easily.
Retracing art's footsteps.
Ray-Tracing art.
Art's paints livered.
Art want to paint more.
Art shame.
Art has driven a tractor.
Art experiments with new foods.
Art knows the secrets of bran.
Art has traveled to India.
Waterproof Art.
Art in the shower.
Art from common things.
Art in common things.
Art with "persistence" in the title.
Titles before art.
Collaborative Art.
This art is my art.
This art is your art.
This Art was made for you and me.
Art has fooled them all.
Art makes you think it takes a lot of time.
Art doesn't take much time.
Art is out of time.
Art is art.
Metaphysics is not Art.
Take the metaphysics out of Art.
Take the art out of art.
Art should be a place of absolute freedom.
Art is a place I remember fondly.
I'm fond of art.
Art wants to be free.
Art is free.
Art is free, but expensive.
Art wants to be left alone.
Information art.
Art information.
Informative art.
Art informs.
Inform Art he's in trouble.
Inform Art he's broke.
If Art ain't broke, don't fix nothin'.
One day, Art just stopped coming around.
Art is physical philosophy.
Art could be a lot of things.
Art could've been a lot of things.
Art could've been.
Art could.
It's not easy to define Art.
Define Art by what Art isn't.
What isn't Art?
Art isn't art.
My Art is just beginning.
Premature Art-adulation.
Art should be overwhelming, but tiny.
Art should be modest, while boasting.
Art should be heroic, but celebrate the forgotten.
Art should mix joy and pain.
In Paris, Art had pain for lunch.
Art tries to be what Art is not.
Art drives too fast.
Art dies too young.
Art drinks too much.
Art isn't serious enough.
Art never looks good enough.
This isn't the Art I wanted to make.
So, this is a life of Art?
Art fast.
Fast art.
Fastest art career.
Art world player.
Art play.
Plays about the art world.
Art has seen enough Picasso to last 20 years.
Art has seen enough Monet to last 20 years.
Art loves you.
Art hates you.
Art understands you.
Arts, cope.
Art wants to be first out of the gate.
Art hits the ground running.
Art wants to be remembered.
Art is the tortoise.
Art is the hare.
Hair art.
Art is a day laborer.
Art is a night worker.
Art is a night watchman.
Art stirs the creative juices with shopping.
Shopping is Art.
Buying is Art.
Buy your art style.
Art in style.
Stylish Art.
Art is helped by Moore's law.
Making art requires a lot of money.
A life without art is still a life.
A day without art is impossible.
So is a day with art.
Tuesday is a day with art.
August is a good art month.
Doodle art.
Everything Art touches turns to gold.
Abandon art.
Automated Art.
This is the new and improved, automated artlist.
Designer art.
Designed art.
Plan your art career early.
Art wishes his friends would stop talking about Neitzsche.
Art, what a crock.
Art is a recreational activity.
Art is anything but recreation.
Art should make you think.
Art thinks.
Art think.
The History of Art.
His story of Art.
Her story of Art.
Popular art.
Poplar art.
Pine art.
We lost art in the crash.
Art was taken away from us.
Art is a bum.
A day without art might not be so bad.
It's only art after all.
That's some small art after all.
It's the art world after all.
Art grows like mold in wet carpet.
The art world will eat itself.
Twentieth Century art will be forgotton.
Is this all the art we have left?
Oh my God, we're out of Art!
I've thought about getting out of art.
Art came out of the closet.
This is all the art we've ever had.
Art in pop songs.
Art sold out.
Art knows that selling out is the first step.
Art rejects old friends who've sold out.
Art sell out.
Sold out art sale.
Some days art is more inspired.
Bad art gets better.
Good art gets worse.
Art law.
Art bounces checks.
Art doesn't have a credit card.
Art can't live without a credit card.
Art credit card.
Credit card for the art connoisseur.
Art is pre-approved.
Art feels broken sometimes.
Tonight there is no art left in me.
Art hands should look well used.
Art hands should be soft and supple.
Art's hands are greasy.
Art is desperate to stay ahead of the game.
Art is not inherently anything.
Art doesn't want to inherit anything.
Art want to succeed the old fashioned way.
Art can be so stupid.


artlist © Joe Maller 1994-2000

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