well that didn’t take very

well that didn’t take very long.

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link: Aug 13, 2004 1:39 am
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Reasons I haven’t posted anything recently (in no particular order):

  • Construction in two-thirds of our apartment for the past 2+ months. I seem to be co-contracting, co-constructing and co-suffering.
  • Thinking a lot about the connectedness of information, or lack thereof. Knowledge doesn’t necessarily improve itself, corrections don’t always stick to the things they’re correcting. Will something ever thread weblogs into a cohesive timeline of information? This is sort of like the main construct of Hesse’s Magister Ludi: The Glass Bead Game, the essence of Hesse’s “game” is the connection of knowledge into threads and weavings showing the interconnectedness of all subjects. I’d settle for informational glue which gloms refutations and addendums onto original works. Too many people spend too much time reading subjects or ideas which have been disproved. I don’t have time for that and delving into an obsolete subject is deeply frustrating.
  • Thinking a lot about politics. No intention of opening that can of worms here (or dealing with the inevitable aftermath)
  • Good code is happening. One of my goals at WWDC was to pick up better programming practices, gleaning better working practices and methods from people who were formally trained or otherwise excelled in the art of programming. That happened. I’m working faster and smarter than ever before. Code’s now in CVS, my homemade “compiler” and other AppleScript tools are making working faster and easier.
  • Things at the office keep breaking.
  • I have to go out for coffee. A double-esspresso over ice at Starbucks (“iced dopio?, ugh.”) is $2.06. There are two starbucks within a five minute walk from my house. The coffee is dependable but uninspired. But I’m a junkie and need caffeine to make it through the afternoon.
  • This site seems stale to me. I want to redo it, but I can’t spare the time right now. Also, the thinking about connecting information is complicating any ideas I have towards redesigning. Maybe I’ll figure out how to post from my phone, I’m getting good at T9Word entry and tend to have more disconnected thought snippets while I’m away from my computer.
  • Blogging about blogging is boring. Just typing that out was boring. I don’t have time for boring.
  • I’m red-lining the Stress-O-Meter, but in a good way, generally.
  • Mostly, I’m just busy, fulfilled and exhausted. No shortage of ideas, just spending more time making things than talking about things I won’t make. Lots of big stuff stewing in back.
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link: Aug 13, 2004 12:58 am
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Rumors about new Apple gizmo’s to be released at WWDC are starting to swirl, moreso following the recent (totally expected) hardware announcements. One of the big rumors going around is about a wifi 802.11g iPod. The potential of a wifi iPod is amazing:

  • iPod streams to AirPort Express speakers
  • iPod controls iTunes via wifi (universal iTunes remote)
  • iPod able to stream music to other iPods (local music parties)
  • iPod able to update from iTunes library wirelessly (slow, but the fewer wires the better)
  • Internet access on iPod (drool)
  • Possibility to wirelessly purchase music from commercial sources (concerts, stores, etc), directly to iPod
  • Roaming iTMS access
  • Radio via Internet streams
  • An exceptionally cool $499 pocket wifi detector

In short, the iPod would be much more of a peer device to the computer, right now iPods are mostly dead-end portable containers.

Much as I know it will never happen, I really wish Apple would just release an iPod SDK. THEN we’d start to see some really cool stuff.

This post started as a comment to Steven Frank’s blog.

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link: Jun 12, 2004 7:45 pm
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Sitting on a park bench looking across the Hudson River at the Colgate Clock and Ellis Island. Two hours left on the laptop battery, three bars on an open wifi network, it’s relatively quiet and a cool breeze is blowing in off the river. It’ll probably rain soon, but for now I’m catching up on email and relaxing a bit.

I walked by Ground Zero for the first time in a long time. It makes me kind of wish I worked in construction. I also saw the memorial and tower models in the Winter Garden atrium. They’re going to be beautiful. Most encouraging, there will be a clean, perfect vertical line up the southernmost corner of the Freedom Tower. I rarely heard it mentioned, if ever, but the corners of the old WTC towers were astounding, perfect vertical planes going up nearly a fifth of a mile. I’d never seen anything else like it. When the new tower is done, I’ll be most looking forward to that sourthern point, standing at the bottom and looking up along the tallest unbroken vertical line on Earth.

In a strange overlapping of heretofore unconnected social circles, the trailer for Burke and Tara’s film Revolver won the Best Trailer – No Movie award at last night’s Golden Trailer Awards.

The Golden Trailer Awards were started five years ago by another friend, Evelyn Brady.

Congratulations to Burke and Tara and everyone who contributed to their fantastic trailer, it’s nice to see deserving people recognized for quality work.

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link: May 26, 2004 4:18 pm
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link: May 02, 2004 2:58 am
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Impressive math visualization with JavaScript by Jeffrey Clymer:

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link: Apr 11, 2004 9:39 am
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