Everything that was on my desk March 4, 1997:

193 items

1 half-used pad of legal paper.

Approximately 75 feet of galvanized stranded steel wire.

Self-adhesive sheet of decal stock.

Empty applesauce jar.

Champion Benefit Bluebird limited edition paper sample.

"Life's Little Instruction Book", by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Ceaser's Palace Casino coin cup filled with approximately 1 inch of assorted small nails.

68 - 3 x 5 inch white index cards.

AlphaColor "Char-Kole"; 2 boxes of 12, total of 19 fragments remaining.

Failed soap-print erosion painting; 11.25 x 9.125 inches, 2 Irish springs, 1 Dial.

Classico Pasta Sauce jar containing 20 mutant gummi bears.

Wood Scraps;

 7.25 x 4.5 x 0.75 inches
 5 x 7.25 x 0.75 inches
 9 x 7.25 x 0.75 inches

Michelle's Sideboard model.

Paper milk carton; painted white, with marked paintbrush.

People Magazine Feb 3, 1997.

Cellophane package from fake eyelashes.

"I'll see you tomorrow", Nebraska Roof paper drawing.

Classico Pasta Sauce jar, containing dirty turpentine.

Box of 100 America's Choice "seal 'n lock" bags; 19 bags remaining, 1 red balloon.

Squeeze-bottle of NovaColor Cadmium Red Light.

60° triangles one each; 12, 14, 15, 16 & 18 inches.

45° triangles; 3 - 8 inches, 1 - 12 inches.

Adjustable triangle.

4 assorted ellipse guides.

Empty Salsa jar.

9 x 12 inch translucent cutting mat.

8 Wall Drug Stickers, 2 each;


2 boxes of matches.

Care instructions from baseball glove.

6.75 x 7.25 inch soap print erosion painting.

Plaster block; green tinted, approximately 12 lbs.

Two 15 Watt light bulbs.

Instructions from cannibalized digital clock.

1 Clump coarse steel wool.

French Curves; two sets, one loose.

3D sketch for Tent project.

One deck Bicycle Rider Back playing cards; red, missing Jokers and Instruction cards.

Carters Micropore black stamp pad.

0.5 inch wire spring.

100 White index cards; unopened.

18 inch centering ruler.

Magnifying glass with floppy, broken handle.

Found rubber foot.

12 inch centering ruler.

Bottle of Mucilage; half full.

Eraser brush.

Architects scale ruler.

One thin sheet of strange, transparent, gold-flecked paper.

Bottom half of a McDonald's "Dream Team II" plastic cup; contains 8 assorted erasers.

Unopened package of Wint-O-Green LifeSavers.

One flattened, crusty, canvas work glove; right.

Remains of a roll of "Easy Mask" tape.

Remains of a roll of Carpet-Tack comb adhesive.

One Bag of Henkel brand dry Metylan Cellulose Wallpaper paste.

X-Acto Bulk-Pak; 40 - 60% remaining.

Empty McDonalds "Dream Team II" plastic cup; featuring Dan Majorie.

21 - 4 x 6 inch white index cards and packaging front card.

Can of 32 assorted pens and 2 pencils; 11 red pens, 3 blue pens, 18 black pens.

Elmer's professional wood glue; 60% remaining, refilled several times, cap missing - presumed lost.

"Texas Chewie" box cutout.

4 assorted paintbrushes.

Can of 27 assorted pens and 5 pencils; 6 red pens, 1 blue pens, 20 black pens.

29 inches of Velcro; both sides.

Empty Kodak Film Container.

Spool of light duty rosin core solder.

Cheap screwdriver bit set.

Empty package of velcro.

One quarter sheet of 180 grit sandpaper; used.

Leatherette case for Radio Shack Sound Level Meter.

WebTV flyer from CES 1997, Las Vegas.

2 Brains.

25 Watt light bulb with eye drawing on it.

Model for flapping wall-birds.

Steel case for 3 x 5 index cards, contains alphabetizing tabs.

Assorted coils of steel wire.

List of all streets in Manhattan.

Research for the MacUser article I co-authored with Lynda Weinman.

C-Thru opaque flexible curve.

Vertical center line of Manhattan Map drawing.

Small plastic vial of X-acto blades.

2 Small sheets of aluminum.

"Eye Speakers" for blinking project.

Broken portable stereo headphones.

Unopened spool of white thread.

Play head from cassette player.

Grip strengthener.

Bag of 6 nylon model airplane hinges.

Sketch for eye-blink projects.

Planed wood scrap with screw indentation.

Tissue paper for wrapping pears mounted to a bent sheet of expensive paper.

Village Voice, February 11, 1997.

Gilbert Flores drawing on Ziplock bag with Expansion foam blobs.

2 large sketchbooks for Newspaper clipping project.

5 Blank Sketchbooks.

$1.35 in change.

2 Kleenex, soiled with ink; 1 paper napkin.

Labels from audio casettes.

Espai Gaudi brochure from Barcelona; english.

5 business cards.

Plastic bin containing 7 assorted ink bottles and a tube of vinyl cement.

1 Belwith hinge.

Pocket memo book, with several good ideas in it.

Staple remover.

All purpose "Miracle Eraser"; felt.

5 more 4 x 6 white index cards.

5 aluminum tubes.

2 expansion foam experiments.

Inserts from two fake eyelash packages; one with eyelashes attached.

2 lacquered chopsticks.

1.75 x 9 inch piece of 180 grit sandpaper.

"The Indoor Gardener" FTD professional guide to green plants.

Radio Shack "Engineer's Mini-Notebook; Opto-Electric Circuits."

Berol Prismacolor 48 pencil set; 31 remaining.

6 bubble-wrap envelopes.

1 dead glue stick.

2 iron sounding balls with velvet pouch.

Clay tool.

My father's decimated X-Acto set; a source of continuous guilt.

Makeshift notepad.

H. Brickman & sons receipt; 12/24/96.

Speedball rubber brayer.

Drawings, postcards, notes and addresses.

Leatherette binder; burgundy, mis-labeled "hazel".

Old three hole punch.

Plastic bin containing gouache.

Ashley Iles # 9 gouge.

Jeltrate container holding matte cutter and spare blades.

11 Paint stirrers.

Hoisin sauce jar with old starch in it.

Plastic Halloween bucket.

5 loose push pins.

5 medium sized binder clips.

1.5 pads of Highland imitation Post-It notes.

Contact sheet from Nic Blouin; 5 photos of clouds, 3 other images blanked out by me.

One video tape, clients.

One big metal clip.

Cool Whip Light container containing used blades.

2 boxes of colored chalk; Michelle's.

1 scissors.

1 calculator.

39 assorted pens and pencils; 2 red pens, 2 blue pens, 4 black pens, 1 pink marker, 19 graphite pencils, 2 colored pencils, 2 white pencils, 5 chalks.

2 loose erasers.

Prototype proving that stylish glasses can be cut from soda bottles.

Small pencil sharpener.

6 pastels in foam lined box.

Small wooden box with hand-cut dovetails.

Almost empty notepad.

2 blank 3 x 5 inch index cards; blue.

Broken head from cheap tripod.

Re-assembled audio casette experiment.

Eraser shield.

Razor saw blade.

Small automobile file.

Thread puller.

Hex wrench.

Vacuum cleaner belt; Dirt Devil hand vac.

Miscellaneous wrist strap.

5 Hunt pen nibs; #107, with box.

Defective red balloon.

Window/paint scraper.

1 Lamp spring.

Plastic plane handle.

Personal casette player motor.

Broken handle from my favorite painting knife.

Round glasses, no lenses.

3 assorted file handle inserts.

Base screw from Video light.

Plaster fingertip.

Package of mint floss.

Tip pointer for technical pencils.

2 paper clips.

X-Acto handle.

Ace bandage clip.

One sewing pin.

One of my longest continuous wood shavings; 23.5 inches.

Dissecting needle.

2 copper clips.

ACCD graduation card box; contains roofing nails, sealed.

Plastic funnel.

Adhesive felt strip.

Jar of 35 push pins.

Assorted hardware.

NVCS flashlight.

2 primed pieces of Luan.

1 rubber band.

Fabric scrap found on Crosby street during a walk with Gilbert Flores in 1994; one of many.

Plane ticket stub.

2 months of Obituaries and weather from the New York Times; part of the project "Air today, gone tomorrow."

Graph pad containing 2 months of the New York Times' front page weather report.

Paper model of printer; 1:8 scale.

All the clippings from the New York Times that mattered to me; April to July 1996.

Miscellaneous trash; bigger than small.

Miscellaneous trash; miniscule.


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