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A filter for Final Cut Pro to help switch between YUV and RGB color spaces with FXScript.

This filter helped me a great deal while struggling with Joe's Color Glow and switching between YUV and RGB color spaces. More detail about YUV and RGB issues with FXScript are discussed on the FXScript RGB and YUV Color page.

How It Works

There are two main concepts for dealing with color spaces in FXScript, conversion and assignment. Conversion changes pixel data from one color space to another, moving the resulting image into a new image buffer. Assignment doesn't bother with conversion and simply tells FXScript to interpret the pixel values in the image buffer using the assigned color space.

This filter offers several conversions between formats. Each is contained within an if statement. The contents of the first if statement look sort of like this:

if convert == 1
  ConvertImage(src1, dest, kFormatYUV219)
  NumToString(kFormatYUV219, textformat, kInteger)
  textformat = "PixelFormat: YUV219 (" + textformat + ")"
  DrawString(textformat, 0, 0, 2, dest, fontcolor,1)
end if

The statement is based on the current selection of convert, which is the popup menu driving the filter.

ConvertImage(src1, dest, kFormatYUV219)

The above line takes the image data from src1 and places the YUV conversion of that data into the dest image buffer. Dest would also be assigned to kFormatYUV219 in the process.

The remaining three lines change the format from a number to a string (remember that all values seem to be numbers too), adds some English words to the string to give it meaning and then draws the string onto the dest image buffer.

There are 10 options but each does pretty much the same thing. The FXScript RGB and YUV Color page has more information about working with color spaces.

Source Code

Unlocked versions of this and all of Joe's Debugging and Exploration Filters are included for free with the trial and paid versions of Joe's Filters. Or use the source code below to build your own.

(copy and paste the code into FXBuilder)
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