Joe's Filters for Final Cut Pro

Shareware image processing plugins for Final Cut Pro, created with FXScript and FXBuilder.

Visit the New FXScript Reference and Joe's Filters sites. These pages will be phased out soon and may already be out of date.

Joe's Filters
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Joe's Filters for Final Cut ProJoe's Filters were created to make Final Cut Pro faster and easier to work with. The set of 24 plugins includes faster versions of Final Cut Pro effects, tools to help simplify the timeline and reduce the number of tracks needed for simple effects, plus many more image processing tools requested by Final Cut Pro users.

I wrote Joe's Filters with FXScript, the effects language built into Final Cut Pro. This means the plugins work natively in RGB or YUV, and take advantage of all the QuickTime and multiprocessor acceleration Final Cut Pro offers. Joe's Filters

Joe's Filters 3 is a free upgrade for registered users. Here's what's new.

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Joe's Channel Blur

Joe's Channel BlurA better channel blur plugin for Final Cut Pro, selectively blurs any combination of RGB or YUV channels. more info…

Joe's Color Glow

Joe's Color GlowA Final Cut Pro plugin for creating color auras and glows around color-based selections. more info…

Joe's De-Interlacer

Joe's De-InterlacerA better de-interlace plugin for Final Cut Pro. Twice as fast, cleaner and more versatile. more info…

Joe's Diffuser

Joe's DiffuserA time saving diffusion plugin for Final Cut Pro, simulates video shot with a silk stocking or through a diffusion filter. Moreinfo…

Joe's Field Blender

Joe's Field BlenderA de-interlace and film look plugin for Final Cut pro which blends two video fields to help motion look more like film. Moreinfo…

Joe's Flexi-Smear

Joe's Flexi-SmearAn irregular distortion plugin for Final Cut Pro can simulate stretched and mylar-like distortions. Moreinfo…

Joe's Gradients

Joe's GradientsA Final Cut Pro plugin for creating and applying customized gradients over images. Moreinfo…

Joe's Levels

Joe's LevelsA standard five-adjustment Levels plugin for Final Cut Pro with extensive channel targeting options. Moreinfo…

Joe's Levels - Sampled Color

Joe's Levels - Sampled ColorA semiautomatic full-color Levels adjustment based on sampled image colors. Moreinfo…

Joe's Maximizer

Joe's MaximizerA plugin for Final Cut Pro which expands pixels into user defined shapes, similar to Circles of Confusion. Moreinfo…

Joe's Motion Blur

Joe's Motion BlurA better directional Motion Blur filter for Final Cut Pro, includes YUV and RGB channel targeting. Moreinfo…

Joe's Noise - Color

Joe's Noise - ColorA color noise plugin for Final Cut Pro for adding random noise to clips without additional tracks. Moreinfo…


Joe's Noise - Levels

Joe's Noise - LevelsAn adjusted color noise plugin for Final Cut Pro for adding subtle noise grain to clips without additional tracks. Moreinfo…

Joe's Noise - Saturation

Joe's Noise - SaturationAn adjusted noise plugin for Final Cut Pro for adding saturation adjusted noise grain to clips without additional tracks. Moreinfo…

Joe's Pixelizer

Joe's PixelizerA mosaic plugin for Final Cut Pro, recreates an image as square, round or diamond shaped pixels. Moreinfo…

Joe's Saturation & Colorize

Joe's Saturation & ColorizeA plugin for Final Cut Pro to saturate, desaturate or colorize images towards a specific hue. Moreinfo…

Joe's Simple Saturation

Joe's Simple SaturationA plugin for Final Cut Pro which quickly saturates or desaturates clips to a variety of color channel targets. Moreinfo…

Joe's Soft Ellipse

Joe's Soft EllipseA soft-ellipse plugin for Final Cut Pro, acts as a reversible geometric diffusion effect, and border filter. Moreinfo…

Joe's Soft Gradients

Joe's Soft GradientsA linear diffusion plugin for Final Cut Pro which blends a blurred image with the original through a gradient mask. Moreinfo…

Joe's Soft Shapes

Joe's Soft ShapesA soft-shape plugin for Final Cut Pro, acts as a reversible geometric diffusion effect, and border filter. Moreinfo…

Joe's Soft Spot

Joe's Soft SpotA circular diffusion filter for Final Cut Pro to blur inside of or around a circular area. Moreinfo…

Joe's Threshold & Posterize

Joe's Threshold & PosterizeA multifunction threshold plugin for Final Cut Pro for reducing the number of image values. Moreinfo…

Joe's Time Bender

Joe's Time BenderA time-remapping plugin for creating variable speed changes and flexible playback in Final Cut Pro. Moreinfo…

Joe's Y/C Corrector

Joe's Y/C CorrectorA Luma & Chroma offset correction plugin for Final Cut Pro, fixes color-slip timing errors. Moreinfo…

Buying Joe's Filters

Purchasing is handled through Kagi Shareware. An unlock key will be sent to you via e-mail upon registering, usually within two hours of credit card confirmation. I can also accept PayPal upon request, but it might take me a few days.

At this time there is no physical product. If you absolutely need a CD, contact me and we will work something out.

User Feedback

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Joe's Filters 3 is a free upgrade for registered users

Let me say that again: Registered users of Joe's Filters get free upgrades to version 3.

If you are a registered user of Joe's Filters and did not receive an upgrade notice, please contact me with a proof of purchase. An e-mail announcement was sent to the registered e-mail address of every registered user user of Joe's Filters.

Because of the way Final Cut Pro attaches filters, the paid version of the filters can not simply replace the trial versions. I wish there was some way around this, but as far as I can tell, there isn't. If you think replacing one iteration of filters is a pain in the butt, imagine how annoying it was for me to test them.

Speed and the Trial Version

The trial version will watermark the end of clips more than 3 seconds long. Because of the way Final Cut Pro calculates duration, watermarks may appear in the viewer even though they do not appear in the timeline. This can happen even after rendering.

The paid versions of Joe's Filters are faster than the trial versions. I know what you're probably thinking, because I thought the same thing after writing that, "yeah, right." The reason is the watermark. Final Cut Pro's text drawing routines are not very fast, and require significantly more time to render when the watermark is visible. If you'd like to test this for yourself because you think I'm full of it, try the following:

Steps to show how much extra render time is required by

  1. Place a four second clip in the timeline.
  2. Add any of the trial filters.
  3. Duplicate the filtered clip in the timeline.
  4. Use the razor blade tool to cut one of the clips into two 2-second clips.
  5. Render the four second clip and note the time.
  6. Render both two-second clips at the same time and note how much faster the rendering was.

On faster computers, the delay will be less apparent.

Version History

August 9, 2001 - Initial Public Release (1.0)

February 19, 2002 - Version 3.0 released

Version Compatibility

Joe's Filters have been tested with Final Cut Pro versions 1.2.5, 2.0.2 and 3.0. Versions of Final Cut Pro before 1.2.5 are not supported though many of the filters will work.

About the name Joe's Filters

The name started out as a nickname for the set, and it stuck. It's meant to be tongue in cheek, drawing on classic "Eat at Joe's" diners and the like. completely missed the point.

About Joe's Filters' Input Controls

Wherever possible I have tried to have the controls use raw values instead of percents, arbitrary ranges or interpreted names. Often with software, simplification is obfuscation; simplified controls and "Magic boxes" prevent a deeper understanding of the imaging process.

About me

Several of my current and past biographies are online.

My short film All Day Ice Cream, edited with Premiere and Final Cut Pro, was included in ReelNY on New York City's PBS station. It was also screened at the New York International Independent Film Festival (Los Angeles and New York) and the New Orleans Film Festival as part of Cinema 16.

I have been playing around with computer scripting languages for six or seven years. I started with AppleScript because I wanted some art-related projects to manipulate the whole computer, rather than just run on it. Those projects led me to JavaScript, and over time I also picked up some AfterEffects Motion Math and Flash ActionScripting. I have no formal training as a programmer, and I am not a math whiz. Most all of the hard-core stuff in Final Cut Pro's included filters initially flew way over my head. But persistence and curiosity eventually produced an understanding of most all of it. Anyone can do this stuff but most creative people sell themselves short for some reason. Learning FXScript and making these filters has been every bit as creatively rewarding as making movies.

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