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The obligatory links page: Friends' pages, sites I visit regularly and sites that link to my site.

Links pages used to appear on every site, but as the internet got more commercial, outside linking was seen as a bad thing and links pages whithered.

Links are something of a self-portrait, at least as much as a bookshelf, wardrobe or pantry. What we read and see defines and reflects who we are and what we think about.

That said, the following are sites I visit regularly or that mean something to me.

News and General interest:

New York Times | metafilter | | memepool | Yahoo! Most Popular | Washington Post | Everything2 | Memepool | FilePile | Buzzflash | Guardian Unlimited | Obscure Store | X-Entertainment |


Michael Buffington | Anil Dash | | explodingdog | Follow Me Here | Jason Kottke | metaforage | Q Daily News | Shelleyness | A Whole Lotta Nothing |


MacCentral | Go2Mac | MacNN | MacInTouch  | MacOS Rumors | Think Secret | As the Apple Turns | Versiontracker | MacSlash | MacRumors | Bare Feats | MacFixit


Internet Movie Database | Ain't It Cool News | NetFlix |

DV and Final Cut Pro

2-Pop | PostForum: Final Cut Pro | Apple Discussions - Final Cut Pro |

Here are direct links to the 2-pop forums I regularly participate in, hopefully Google will index them from here: FCP 2.0, FCP General Discussion & FCP Advanced. I also look over the FCP Feature Request page regularly. These links do not require JavaScript, turning it off speeds up the site considerably.

Digital Photography:

Digital Photography Review | Steve's Digicams | Digital Camera Resource Page |

Friends' pages

Don Barnett | Tom Bulone | Tom Delmundo | Graham Haber | Bruce Heavin  | Melissa Iwai | Patrick Mannion | Jody McMurrian aka Joe McMurrian | Ethan Sprague | David Park | Gameface | IOP

Links to me

Search Engines rank pages higher the more times they encounter them. If a page comes up frequently on crawls of the web it will be ranked higher than if the page was not frequently found. By linking to pages that link to me, any robot spidering my site will follow every link to a page that links back to me. I want to appear higher in search engines because I want people to see what I do.

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