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Hawaii - May 2001

In May 2001 we went to Hawaii with John and Darren from IOP. We visited the Big Island and Maui.

Portugal and Morocco - August 2000

In August, 2000, we visited Morocco and Portugal with Michelle's family.

Germany and France - June-July, 2000

We travelled with a small group from Michelle's office to see Zander's paper mills in Cologne and Strasbourg. Michelle and I then continued on to Berlin for five days.

Mexico - April, 2000

After a crazy first half of the year waving to each other on the way to or from different airports, Michelle and I treated ourselves to a trip to Cancun.


Berlin, Germany

Cancun, Mexico

Casablanca, Morocco

Chichen Itza, Mexico

Fes El Bali, Morocco

Köln, Germany (Cologne)

Hawaii, USA

Lisbon, Portugal

Obidos, Portugal

Rabat, Morocco

Strasbourg, France

Tulum, Mexico

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