Trash TVs

Analog television broadcasts ended in the United States at midnight on June 12, 2009. As people slowly switched to newer TVs, their old televisions were often tossed out with the trash. I started taking pictures of discarded televisions around my neighborhood.

Below are 20 most recent images from my Trash TVs Flickr set.

If you’re getting rid of an old TV, please find an electronics recycling location in your area.


These photos of rats playing tiny musical instruments will be fun for about another 4-6 hours, after which time they’ll transition to cutesy saturation and then slide rapidly towards loathsome. Enjoy quickly, this won’t last.

(via SWNS via Fark)

Revisiting Flickr

When did Flickr change from being a place to share photos of cats into a place to find really technically exceptional photography? Rarely is there anything particularly revolutionary; lots of beautiful sunsets, dappled afternoon light, long-exposures smoothing the movement of water, fast-exposures freezing the movement of water, macro shots of flowers and urban settings evocative of lonliness. Nice pictures. But these are often quite wonderful take collectively, sometimes stunning images reflecting remarkable skill and incredible moments of luck.

Reload this page a few times to see what I mean:
Flickr: Explore interesting photos

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