Joe Maller & Michelle Marks Wedding Invitation

Our wedding invitation as appeared in The Communication Arts 1998 Design Annual

The invitation briefly told the story of our years together before the wedding. Only the first seven pages were printed with the following chapters:
  • Chapter 1 (the beginning)
    Where we meet, fall in love and move to New York
  • Chapter 2 (the wedding)
    Announcement and formal invitation to the wedding
  • Chapter 3 (tomorrow and everything after)
    This is where the book was left blank, obviously (to some people) tomorrow and everything after hadn't happened yet. I did go through one literalist mind-crunch where I worried about the book not being long enough. But Michelle helped remind me of the power and function of metaphor and convinced me that we couldn't actually make or send an endless book.

Thanks to my friend Graham Haber for the photograph.


Quite a few friends strongly encouraged us to enter the invitation for a design award. We did, and it was accepted into the Communication Arts 1998 Design Annual. CA sent both of us an Award of Excellence, click to see a larger veiw.


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