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Wireless networks around Manhattan. It's not driving because I don't own a car.

This page is a repository for my MacStumbler logs. The tables are listed backwards, with the destination at the top.

How this works

Currently, I'm manually processing the MacStumbler logs with BBEdit. I started to do it in Perl, but got lazy and stopped. Maybe, next time I'm in a Perl mood... As I was putting this together, I started to think this would make a great database, and it would be fun to see how many times I encounter the same networks. Something else for the back of my head.

A raw line from the MacStumbler log looks like this:

joemaller.com	00:02:2D:2C:6E:41	8	Managed	Agere-Lucent	Yes

The cyan spaces represent tab characters.

Since every network I've come across has been "managed", I decided to drop that from my results table, mostly to reduce the clutter.

Each line of the log is parsed using the following regular expression:


That is then replaced with the following pattern, which includes appropriate alignment tags:

<tr><td>\1</td><td align="right">\2</td><td align="center">\3</td><td>\5</td><td>\6</td></tr>

There is one other little detail which will integrated into the script when I get around to it, and that is to highlight those networks which are unlocked. When WEP is disabled, any machine within range can connect to the given network.

To do that, I simply search for "<td>No</td>" and replace it with <td style="color:#0c0;">No</td>

A note about Vendors

It's very likely that Apple's Airport has a much larger share of these results than is immediately apparent. Early base stations reported themselves as Agere-Lucent, (mine is a gray Airport base station, and reports that).

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