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Two Futures



MacUser - Photoshop Web Tools, June 1997



artlist, by Joe Maller

artlist began one morning in May 1994 and continued on and off for the next four years. Originally, I was only exploring my personal definitions of Art, but at some point the list took on a life of it's own.

artlist was exhibited at 581 in 1997.

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Two Futures

A tale of two paragraphs; first to communicate with a reader, then rewritten to please a grammar checker.

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The DVD and CSS Mess

My take on the DVD and CSS issues. Includes a mirror of and links to mirrors of the CSS source code and deCSS applications. Also links to historical background information and organizations opposing the MPAA and DVD CCA.

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Photoshop Web Production Tools

I co-authored with Lynda Weinman the Photoshop web-production tools section of MacUser magazine's June 1997 cover story.

Though MacUser was folded into MacWorld magazine in October 1997 (the Mac platform was about to be killed off, remember?), the article is still available online:

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