How to spell Hanukkah 2010

While totals are lower due to Hanukkah’s very early start this year (December 1st), Google’s numbers seem especially screwy this year. I just don’t believe that results for Hanukkah fell by 10 million hits year-over-year.

Here’s my original Sixteen Ways to Spell Hanukkah post from 2005.

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  • Perhaps Google Instant is skewing the results?

    People only need to type “hanu” before being able to click a Hanukkah-related result.

  • Google instant made it really difficult to collect the numbers this year. Instead of showing the total results, they added a little “Happy Hanukkah” status message — notably adjusting to the various spellings. I ended up using the deprecated Web Search API but results were not especially consistent. I couldn’t figure out how to get the new custom search API to access the complete index.

    Maybe I should have just switched to Bing?

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