Dailymile widgets for WordPress

Running Training LogThis year I started using Dailymile to keep track of my running. I like their sharing widgets, but I wasn’t happy with how they slowed down page load times. So I wrote this little WordPress plugin to make them even better.

The Dailymile Widgets plugin uses native WordPress caching to significantly speed up how the widgets display. It also fixes a number of display bugs and adds a few missing features to my favorites.

Additional features and bug fixes:

  • Option to display full text in the Last Workout widget
  • URLs are auto-linked in the Last Workout widget
  • Accurate dates in the Last Workout widget
  • Dozens of CSS fixes and improved compatibility with popular WordPress themes

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  • Is there a way to backlog runs? I just started using this widget, wanting to keep track of my miles for all of 2011, but don’t see a way to enter runs from earlier (or even last week!)

    • There should be a “Today (change date) link at the bottom of the “Add Workout” form on Dailymile. It’s only dates though, they intentionally hide the time of a workout. I wish they’d at least offer an option for entering times as well.

  • When the website is down, the plugin breaks and messes up with the layout of my whole page.
    Any advice?

    working –
    broken –


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