Free Your Feet infographic

Free Your Feet. Since you were a baby, you've worn shoes. You might remember your first Nikes or Adidas too: a nice thick sole with padding up to the base of the ankle. In a few remote parts of the world, though, nobody ever wears shoes, and evidence shows that they're in much better shape because of it.


One quibble with their timeline: The human foot has remained essentially unchanged since the pre-human Australopithecines, nearly 4 million years ago. Judging from evolution, the design must work pretty well.

Created by X Ray Technician Schools, via Tuck, via The Discovery Channel, via America’s Podiatrist.



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  • Hi, can I ask a Q about this. Is there any more recent research on this? I am not in any way trying to insult your support of barefoot running, Im just aware that quite a bit of this is based on old data!



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