FXScript Reference comments are enabled again

I turned on comments again for The FXScript Reference, hopefully the spammers won’t show up right away.

24 hours later… It only took four hours for the first drug spams to appear, four in 24 hours and zillions of referrer hits.

This time I’m going to try something different. Almost everything is posted to the k30fps constant, which isn’t particularly interesting, for whatever reason the spammers are pounding that page. So I’m reassigning k30fps which will change its url, I’m also and adding a custom rule to 403 that page. (otherwise they’ll bring down my 404/search page).

The vengeful part of me would love to forward the spammer’s requests to some huge file or link to their Windows Registry or something. But I’m not going to waste someone else’s bandwidth and I don’t want some innocent user to end up borking their registry because of me. Akismet, someday.

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