Shell scripts in AppleScript are illegible

I got my FXScript Compiler working on the new machine and pulling sources from Subversion without too much trouble. But I decided that my practice of embedding shell scripts in AppleScript kind of sucks. It’s just desperately ugly. Tools like sed are ugly enough on their own, slashing and escaping every other character just makes them completely impossible to dissect after a few months.

For example, I print the following in the header of each file’s source code before compiling:

[tab] // [tab] Version: r145
[tab] // [tab] build200604181617
[tab] // [tab] April 18, 2006

One echo statement looks like this ($d and $b are already set and $b is formatted):

echo -e "\t//\tVersion: $d\n$b\n\t//\t`date '+%B %d, %Y'`\n\n

Not exactly pretty, except in comparison to this:

echo -e "\\t//\\tVersion: $d\\n$b\\n\\t//\
\\t\`date '+%B %d, %Y'`\\n\\n"

Echo is using the -e argument because these are being piped through other commands.

The real killer is anything involving regular expressions. Say a matching pattern needs to match a string containng double-quotes inside a double-quoted sed pattern. Then this already slash-infested command:

sed -e "s/\([Ff]ilter[\t ]*"[^"]*\)"/.../"

becomes this:

do shell script "sed -e "s/\\([Ff]ilter[\\t ]*\

No part of me wants anything to do with keeping track of that many backslashes. It’s slightly better when using sed with the -E extended regex flag, but still.

In the ongoing pursuit of long term legibility, I’m putting my shell scripts functions into individual files inside the XCode project. More on how that works later.

[I know the main page template doesn’t work right when long strings break the column width, it’s on my long-term to do list]

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