Fixing CS3: All apps crash when saving

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I spent the better part of today remotely trying to figure out why our latest Creative Suite 3 installation was crashing. Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign all crashed when saving. CS3 (Design Premium) was being installed onto a new 24" iMac, everything else with the machine is fine.

For whatever reason, CS3’s shared VersionCueUI.framework component was not installed. Here’s what was showing multiple times in the logs of the problem machine:

2007-08-10 19:30:33.926 Adobe InDesign CS3[919] CFLog (21): Cannot find executable for CFBundle 0x2e1b5a50 </Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Version Cue CS3/Client/3.1.0/VersionCueUI.framework> (not loaded)

Even though we aren’t using Version Cue (I’ve yet to meet anyone who does), that component is necessary for all save functions. If it can’t be called, as I found to be the case here, all CS3 apps will crash out immediately upon invoking Save or Save As. We aren’t installing the Version Cue server on any stations, but I did try installing it once to see if that would fix this. It didn’t.

I re-installed. I repaired. I wiped everything with maccs3clean, restarted and reinstalled — three times. From two different accounts. If you’ve ever installed CS3, you know how much time that eats.

Then I gave up on the installer.

Checking /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Version Cue CS3/Client/3.1.0/ against a functioning install showed that VersionCueUI.framework had the wrong byte-count. I decided to try replacing it with a copy from a working installation.

Starting from a working installation, I tgz’d the framework with this command:

tar -cvzf ~/VersionCueUI.framework.tgz VersionCueUI.framework

Next I copied the archive to the machine with the problem install, untarred it, moved the bundle to the right directory and changed ownership to root:admin:

tar xvfzp VersionCueUI.framework.tgz


sudo chown -R root:admin VersionCueUI.framework 

I’m sure there’s an easy way to integrate user, groups and permissions into the tar commands to save the chown, but after a day of dealing with this I wasn’t in the mood to look it up.

After that, saving from various CS3 appears to be working perfectly and updates installed without errors.

This experience was very similar to the solution I found to my Illustrator 13.0.1 upgrade problems. Manually doing the installer’s job solved the problem there too.

Dear CS3 Installer,
Thanks so much for ejecting the DVD after a failed install. Everyone I called to shove the DVD back in for me were really glad they could help.

Update: Several great self-contained solutions in comments, I’ll be trying these first if I run into this again. Thanks to everyone who posted.

  • Dave Pijuan-Nomura’s solution looks the simplest and builds on Dusty’s earlier method:
    1. Delete /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Version Cue CS3/Client/3.1.0
    2. Run Adobe Updater
  • Dusty was first to report success after deleting /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Version Cue CS3/Client/3.1.0/. He also paused Adobe Updater to make a copy of the Version Cue installer, Updater will otherwise delete the file after the install fails. That standalone updater now appears to be here: Adobe Version Cue CS3 client 3.1.0 update.
  • Dave Henderleiter got it working by renaming an older version of Version Cue:

    In [/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Version Cue CS3/Client/3.1.0/]… I had a 3.1.0 version and a 3.0.0 version. I deleted the 3.1.0 version and renamed 3.0.0 to 3.1.0 and all the apps worked right away without even a restart.

    Faking CS3 into using older component versions makes me nervous, but several people reported success with this method.

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  • Thank you so much! This really helped. Apparently, not many other people have this problem (I couldn’t find anything on the web other than your site), but your solution really worked perfectly for me.


  • I have this carsh on save problem too, but sadly I don’t have a working copy to use to resolve the problem as outlined. Does anyone know how this problem can be fixed? I was going to reinstall, but it doesn’t sound like this will help.

  • Maybe try installing a clean system on an external drive? That may not be the most practical option (wouldn’t be for me), but it might get you a functional install to play with. I suspect this might have something to do with 10.4.10, what version of OS X are you trying to install under?

  • Same problem, different solution:

    I got the Adobe Updater to download the VC_Clien_310_1.dmg file into the designated Updater folder (see prefs). After the download but before it could initiate the install, I paused the update and copied the dmg file to my desktop (once the installation fails, the dmg disappears). I tossed the /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Version Cue CS3/Client/3.1.0/ folder you mentioned above and ran the updater from the hijacked dmg.


  • Thanks Dusty! It worked great. The installer required a password, and while it was doing that, I just did a spotlight search for VC_Client_310_1.dmg. Sure enough, there it was. Thanks again.

  • nice one. worked for me too. i couldn’t save from indesign, but after replacing the 3.1.0 folder, it works now!!!

  • You’re alle very wise — I had the problem again after the automatic update; Dusty’s solution helped. Thanks!
    I wonder if this will happen every time VC needs to be updated…


  • I think Adobe’s updater is the culprit. I’m running — well, was running — Photoshop CS3 Extended and InDesign CS3 — on a 1.25 Ghz G4 with plenty of RAM and HD space. No problems on the PS install in May. In July, I upgraded to ID CS3, which installed the older versions of Bridge and Camera RAW, which was exasperating, but not fatal.

    Then, on 20 August, to bring Adobe Reader 8 to the current version, I used Adobe Updater; and in a moment of weakness, let Updater download and install updates for PS & ID. After that I could only open files by double-clicking on them in Bridge, and save image files only by using the Save for Web function, which seems to be a remnant of ImageReady.

    Trying to reinstall Photoshop & InDesign only made things worse. At this point, the Photoshop installer starts, runs so slowly it seems frozen, then ejects the installation DVD and asks me to insert Disc 2 so that ExtendScript 2 can be installed. ExtendScript 2 is on the installation DVD.

    I’ve run uninstall, then manually removed every file with CS3 in the name (some are located just this side of the outer rings of Saturn). Same result. I downloaded the demo installer. Same result.

    If reinstalling Tiger does not cure the problem, I’ll probably have to inititialize my primary HD. In the meantime, I recommend staying away from Adobe’s automatic updater for CS3 applications.

    I’ve offered this detail — and post my solution when I find it — because if the updater is the problem, a lot of CS3 users are experiencing the VersionCue nightmare. My thanks to Joe Maller and all who have posted on this: you may have helped me save my southern exposure.

  • I solved the problem a different way, after no success with the above techniques.

    I navigated to /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Version Cue CS3/Client/3.1.0/

    In that folder, I noticed I had a 3.1.0 version and a 3.0.0 version. I deleted the 3.1.0 version and renamed 3.0.0 to 3.1.0 and all the apps worked right away without even a restart.

    Not sure how confident I feel about updating again.

    Hope this helps.

  • First, I tried dave henderleiter suggestion and it worked like a charm.

    Second, as James Conner commented “I think it is Adobe Updater”. Personally, I didn’t have a problem until the update earlier in the week.

    I just went in and set Adobe Updater Preferences to – Ask me before downloading any updates and then notify me when they are ready to be installed.

  • Thank you, Thank You to Joe and Dave !! I have been a PS user since version 2.5 on Windows and I have never ever had as much trouble with Adobe SW as with CS3. Happily I managed to get my CS3 apps running on the Windows side (I never thought I would appreciate having a registry) but I have had the same problem reported here with AI and PS CS3 which I had installed separately before installing Web CS3 Std.

    Joe, just reading your blog made me stop feeling alone. I didn’t have access to a clean version to copy but I at least knew I was not the only one — very empowering.

    And, Dave, thank you for your common sense workaround. I happened to have VC 3.0.0 as well and renaming it did the trick. I also saved a separate copy in the client folder so I can revert back to it in the future. I have also handcuffed Adobe Updater so that it only whimpers for attention but does nothing automatically. Thanks again. You made my day and brought me great peace of mind.

  • I’m glad my low-tech fix works for others too. Wish I would have tried that first before a long afternoon of uninstall/reinstall. I feel your pain :)

  • I finally restored Photoshop CS3 Extended and InDesign CS3, but it wasn’t easy.

    First, the best way to deal with the Extendscript 2 installation problem is to enter Extendscript into the search window in Adobe’s Knowledge Base. That will find several articles. The one you want is dated 7 August 2007. It provides details and a link to the installer for Extendscript 2. Pop a Valium and follow the instructions. You may have to run the CS3 installers more than once to complete the job.

    Second, I dealt with the Versioncue Frameworks situation in a slightly different manner. First, I went to Boot Drive: Library: Application Support: Adobe: VersionCue CS3: Client. Inside Client I found a Folder, 3.0.0, and a 4 KB Unix Executibable File, 3.0.0 patches. I removed those two files. Next, I opened the Payloads folder on my Photoshop CS3 Extended DVD, copied the AdobeVersionCue3All folder to my desktop, launched the .dmg file in it, and copied the 3.0.0 folder to the Client folder mentioned above. Photoshop and InDesign were satisfied with that fix.

    I continue to believe that the Adobe Updater application/process is the culprit. My advice: don’t use it for CS3 applications. If you need to upgrade, download stand-alone installers, and make sure you back up everything before running the installer. That was my practice before trying the auto Updater a week ago, and that’s the practice to which I’m returning.

    My thanks to Joe Maller and to everyone else. You helped me save my southern exposure.

  • Thank you so much for this information. Don’t know what I would have done without it.

    Well, actually I do. But this looks like a nice place and I won’t sully it with my crude comments.

    I’m going to direct other folks with the same problem to this site.

  • Renaming the 3.0.0 Versioncue.UI folder worked for me as well. I had constant crashes in InDesign CS 3 when trying to save as or export. Thank you!!!

    I hope someone at Adobe is reading this.

  • I was having the crash on open/save problem as well, and Adobe Updater was failing on the Version Cue Client 3.1.0 update. My solution was to trash /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Version Cue CS3/Client/3.1.0, then run Adobe Updater. Tada – the update succeeded.

    IMHO, the new install/update system is seriously flawed. My great respect for Adobe erodes with each new problem I run into.


  • I was having the same problem. I just followed Dave’s advice above. I renamed every file and folder in the Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Version Cue CS3 folder and so far so good. If anything goes awry, I’ll write back.

  • this hint worked perfectly for me. i can now
    open and save file from the cs3 apps.

    thank you!


  • Hey guys,

    I have read all your suggested method of solving the similar problem in which I’m facing. I just got my new iMac and installed all my necessary Adobe applications. My Flash CS3 and Illustrator totally couldn’t launch at all; it crashes whenever I try to launch the program. I have no problems launching my PS CS3Extended but the crashes comes in whenever i try to click on the “Text” tool.

    Dreamweaver, however, wasn’t one of my worries.

    Can anyone tell me what’s wrong? Oh btw that Adobe Updater and Replacing the Version Cue 3.1.0 folder doesn’t work for me.

    I’m beginning to wonder if there’s anything to do with the batches of iMacs.

  • Just wanted to say thank you. Deleting the Version Cue 3.1.0 and then using the Updater worked. The funny thing was it worked just as the Adobe tech support finally took my call (after a 40 minute wait!). Even funnier was the fact that they wasted another 20 minutes of my time getting my error log. You’d think they would have tested this before they released the updater. This is really poor customer service if you ask me.

  • Thanks to all! I have sent some expletive filled crash reports to Adobe and Apple on this issue and threatened to send them all a big fat bill for all my lost time with this issue.

    I too followed the delete and rename and VOIL’A…I’m back in business.

    Lucky for Adobe…I was about to start working in Paint…at least I could save!

    thanks guru gods!

  • Whew! Thanks to you and this page, I don’t have to waste a day myself — this morning I suddenly couldn’t open anything in Photoshop, Illustrator or other CS3 apps (Strangely, Flash didn’t seem to have the probem).

  • Can anyone help with the the problem outlined above (all applications crashing when trying to save) on the Windows platform?

  • Nevermind. I found another post with an easy fix for the Windows platform (I didn’t feel comfortable altering the downloaded updates mentioned above!):

    1. Open Photoshop
    2. Go to Edit>Preferences>File Handling
    3. Uncheck the “Enable Version Cue” box
    4. Click OK.

    You should now be able to save. Until Adobe fixes the Version Cue, I’m going to leave mine disabled.

    Good luck fellow CS3 friends!

  • Excellent.

    Thanks for posting this. Was getting quite frustrated.
    (Not being able to save out of Illustrator or Photoshop is beyond frustrating. I was probably a few minutes away from trying to do a clean install of the full suite. Was rather relieve that didn’t end up being the case)

    Adobe needs to improve the updating process. From a branding perspective it doesn’t feel reliable to begin with. You also are never made well aware of what is being updated and why. I’ve come to rely on Apple system update and wish I could do the same for Adobe.

    Anyways – thanks again!

  • Spent four hours trying to get CS3 to work. Found this post and used Dave’s solution, and it worked first try. Thank you!

  • Having this exact problem! Ridiculous. I’m going to carefully read this thread and see if that helps. Thanks for writing about it!

  • Oh thanks! You guys just saved me a whole week of headache. Thank you thank you and not-thanks to Version CUUUUUEKKKK.

  • I have the exact same problem as “valkerie” on my MacBook 2 Ghz 2 Gigs Ram. Can’t get InDesign to open without crashing either. Dreamweaver opens fine though. The Photoshop crash upon hitting the TEXT tool is the same for me too. Just so weird. I did update from 10.4.8 to 10.4.10 yesterday and I think this is the main culprit. Can anyone give me some other advise? I was able to get Version Cue to 3.1.0 but it didn’t help me. Thanks.

  • Dave’s recco worked perfectly.

    Nice work!!

  • YAAAY! I just wasted 5 hours trying to save a file. You saved me from hours 6-24.

  • Thank you so much… you saved me a lot of work… got it working… still have a weird thing that the twain plugin does not work in Photoshop on my 8-Core… had to delet it… but would be great to have it anyway… but your help was great… THANKS

  • I tired both of the solutions, downloading the standalone installer and even renaming 3.0.0 to 3.1.0, and neither of them worked. I then checked the permissions for each of the folders. 3.0.0 had a read and write for, in my case, system and admin. everyone was set to read only. I checked 3.1.0 and it was read and write for system and read only for admin and everyone.

    I went through the 3.1.0 folder and changed it to match the 3.0.0 read and write for system and admin and left everyone at read only. That worked for me.

  • I’m having a problem with flash and illustrator not starting up, Photoshop and Indesign both work perfectly, i tryed some of the solutions you have been providing and none of them worked for me

  • Trashing the 3.1.0 folder in the application support area fixed the crashing problems after successfully updating Version Cue.

    Thanks for your help in providing this solution.

  • Dave’s suggestion seemed to work. Duplicated 3.0.0 and re-named it 3.10. With thanks.

  • WOW!!!! Dave Pijuan-Nomura’s solution Worked for me. After so many wasted hours, I can finally use InDesign!!!!! Thank-you so much!!!!!! God Bless!!!!!!

  • Thanks so much. I had long discussions with Adobe tech support on this. Renaming the 3.0.0 folder also worked for me – the fix script which Adobe posted did not.

    Just for the record: the fix script is here:

  • I’m have a similar problem. I can’t believe adobe could put out such garbage. Linux’s “Gimp” is starting to look good.

  • Fixing Flash CS3 Intel Macintosh Crashes – I think I may have a valuable contribution to this discussion. Flash was crashing every time I opened the FLA file I had been working on all day yesterday, which was going well – and I was near finishing it today for posting.

    That’s when the crashing began – just when everything was going well, right? Yesterday I worked around this by restarting my machine or Flash, over and over again until I reached a brief window of time where I could work on my document unmolested by crashes. It worked half the time, and since I was able to keep working, I took what I could get, and was glad because I wanted to spend the day authoring and not troubleshooting.

    No such luck today. Each time I opened my file it instigated a crash, and my workaround of the day before was not working anymore. Looking on the bright side, a constant fault is easier to fix than an intermittent one. Any car mechanic will tell you that.

    This was not only frustrating, but prevented me from making any further progress on my project because this was looking like it was going to be a day of troubleshooting instead of authoring. Bummer.

    Sometimes little clues give you an idea of where the problem might be. On several occasions, the FLA file displayed the wrong fonts just before crashing again. I first tried the Version Clue client renaming solution as described above, and this didn’t work for me.

    Then I started to focus on the fonts. Why was it displaying the wrong fonts sometimes, and the right fonts at others? This was my clue. I decided to dig deeper.

    Past experience has taught me that Flash does not have a very robust text engine. It’s one of the weaker parts of the program. It sucks up a lot of memory (hint: turn enable live preview off if you are working with a lot of text and textarea components), and doesn’t let you do much in the way of formatting.

    First I reinstalled Flash to rule out the possibility of a corrupt application. Then I reinstalled Suitcase Fusion. Then I had to update both of them to their current versions.

    After this, I opened my working FLA file, and when I saw the proper fonts displaying, and the document not crashing, I figured that Flash is one of those programs that can’t handle font conflicts of any kind (kind of like another Adobe product called Illustrator). Since I had not seen this kind of solution offered on this page, I thought I would put in my two cents worth so this possibility could be considered, if other solutions are not doing the job.

    If the Version Clue client renaming solution works for you – great. If it doesn’t, and your fonts are starting to display a little wacky (by this I mean substituting for the wrong fonts on their own), you might try investigating font conflicts on your machine, or do a little font repair with the tool that comes with Fusion called Disk Doctor. Font conflicts can cause many problems with other applications as well, and most of us don’t know very much about them. A good title to review that will help you gain a basic overview of fonts and the havoc they can wreak is called Font Management by Ted Locascio found under “Typography” on

    Also, Extensis offers a PDF called “Fonts_Best_Practices_in_OSX,” which you can find at There’s a link to it right from the home page.

    Jim Carruth

  • Fixing Flash CS3 Intel Macintosh Crashes

    Actually, I discovered a faster way to do this, what we older Mac users call “The Balloon Help” version. 1. Deactivate all your fonts in Suitcase Fusion. 2. Open your Flash file and see what fonts it asks for. 3. Put the fonts back one by one, each time opening your FLA inbetween putting the fonts back. I created a special Flash font set in Suitcase to do this – just makes it easier. 4. The one it crashes on is corrupt. Remove this font, find another font to substitute the missing font in Flash and try it again. This worked like a charm for me.

    Note: This was on a font that Font Doctor had evaluated and approved (no corruption, nothing broken) so you can’t always the good Doctor.

    Jim C.

  • @Jim Carruth, thanks for the followup.

    I recently encountered something similar where a designer’s InDesign suddenly started crashing all the time on launch. This only happened for one user account on that machine, and InDesign would work correctly when safe-login was used (hold down shift after clicking login).

    The culprit turned out to be a corrupted font cache. There’s plenty of information about deleting font caches, in our case we use LinoType FontExplorer X which has cache-deletion in the Tools menu.

    Amazing that after nearly 20 years of Desktop publishing, fonts are STILL the biggest pain in the butt. (Color Profiles are a close second)

  • Thank-you, thank-you!!! Yesturday i spent 6 hours installing CS3 and running all updates, just to come to the darn Version Cue 3.1.0 and being prompted to do it all again!!! I wasted and afternoon doing that to now good end. I thought I had a hardware problem and was on the phone with Apple techs for an additional hour – the last idea was to reinstall OS and see if something was screwed up there – ugh!
    I gave up in disgust and came back to the problem this morning with fresh eyes and a new idea – Yahoo search the problem and POOF! Your solution blog! I jumped right to the Updated solutions and did the suggestion and tried my Indesign and NO CRASH – even without restarting!!! Brilliant! I also hope Adobe checks out this blog and checks the darn updates they send out a little closer ;-) I can work today!!!! Yeah ;-)

  • HI! Can anyone provide me with solution for win xp users? i tried Needhelp’s solution and it worked for a month now but now again everything in CS3 crashes.
    does a link such for windows exists??

  • my programs were crashing like mad after i did the stupid adobe updates…then i found fixes to everything except for Indesign…

    Dave’s suggestion seemed worked amazingly. Duplicated 3.0.0 and re-named it 3.10.

    thanks for the suggestion…it was a life saver

  • I’m wondering where I might send Dave a big batch of homemade cookies?

    I’ve been struggling under deadline all day to get a book design project out the door. But I couldn’t save my files. His Version Cue delete-and-rename trick saved my ass.

    Maybe if Adobe spent more time making sure the CS suite is stable before pushing the next version to market I wouldn’t hate myself for spending $$$ on their useless upgrades.

    i almost uninstalled/reinstalled the whole thing until i came across your post.

    i unchecked version cue and now i can save.
    thanks again!

  • In response to Photoshop text tool crashes. To fix you have uncheck the font preview button in preferences under type.

  • i tried all those things suggested, but still ran into the problem that illustrator was always crashing when i wanted to save.
    i did find that for some weird reason illustrator can only save if the default printer is available. See this thread:

    BTW, i am running WinXP SP2

      The printer issue was the solution to my problem. I’d encourage Joe to post this up in the UPDATE: section of this page.

  • I was experiencing the same exact issue with all of my CS3 apps. If I tried to do a file save or save as, the a dialog box would flash and then I could do NOTHING in the programs! I had to shut them down through the Task Manager. (I am running Win XP SP2.) Turning off Version Cue worked for Photoshop worked but not for Illustrator or InDesign. Would you like to know what crazy thing worked for me? This was a fix for CS2: It was the ‘missing dialog box’ problem! Sure enough, when I did the fix for Illustrator, it automatically worked for InDesign. Isn’t this absolutely crazy? I was ALMOST ready to uninstall/reinstall. Glad I found that fix! I hope this helps someone else.

  • thanks dusty, thanks dave, and of course thanks joe for starting this posting!
    my illustrator crashed, when trying to place some file on the page.
    now everything seems okay.

  • thanks , works great now!

  • i have the similar problem too which is my photoshop cs3 on mac ‘jammed’ everytime i hit the Save or Save For Web button. it wont open the OS dialog to save files….etc

    i tried the solution above, none work for me, maybe it’s a different problem. anyway, for those who can’t save file, here’s the solution…

    simple step that save the world.. :)

  • Genius! thanks everyone for saving me HOURS of time

  • I had a problem with flash (crash on publish) when 2 keys for a tweened shape animation were 1 beside the other. I removed the tween on 1 of the frames and it was ok.

  • Woke up this morning early with the intention of getting a flash project finished when I started to have crashing issues on export!! read through lots of posts and finaly came across Freds post above. I had one frame where two tweens started at the same time right at the begining of the movie. if I moved one of the tweens a frame over it worked!!! THANKS FRED!!!

  • THANK YOU so much! This just fixed the crashing problem that I started happening after Adobe tried to update Photoshop today. Thanks for making it easy!

  • Hey guys – just a word of thanks; I’ve been struggling with this for weeks. Got a brand new Mac and Photoshop crash forced me to reinstall the OS and all my apps. Deleting the pref and running the updater has worked for me, many many thanks. But for your advice I would have been days on hold at a call centre!

  • heya, just wanted to say thanks, along with everyone else here. reading this stuff saved the day!

  • It may sound stupid but I could not locate the folder, /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Version Cue CS3/Client/3.1.0/

    I tried to search it but I found the Adobe Version cue folder in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Adobe Version Cue CS3\Client

    Thanks for any help.

    • i don’t see any of my version cue stuff in my library/adobe files. im on a mac. im at a loss. still crashing, but just when i attempt to save a large file, small web files are fine.
      PS 3, and In Design.
      help :(

  • @rstvk that’s a Mac path, I don’t know what the equivalent would be on Windows.

  • perfekt, thanks!

    OMFG really I had this problem for weeks, in one hour I was just going to format my PC…

  • I have been looking for a week. Was getting ready to take the Mac in to the shop. One last search for a cure “crash report CS3.”

    Reinstalled Version Cue 3.0.1 from your link and the problem was over I bet more people than we think are having this problem.



    I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled so many times now…removed default files and recreated profiles…all for naught…and your solution completely works! Thank you so much for posting.

    I can quit using my laptop to design a 16pg brochure and can move back to my main setup.

    I can’t express how much this helps!

    May good karma come your way.

  • Hello everyone

    This is the most informative page I found untill now, but it is not helping Windows XP users.

    OK, for all the PC people

    After having serious problems myself, I found a solution mentioned at the link below

    In short – Uninstall Groove in Microsoft Office 2007

    Worked like a charm.


  • Trina,
    You just prevented me having a nervous breakdown; Argh! – and it’s so easy/frustrating – just to reiterate for anyone go here to check this solution –

    , unbelievable!

  • thank you…thank you…thank you!!! By reading your post as well as about 100 others – i put it all together, deleted the version cue of the “client” and it works perfect!!!! I have spent at least 3 nights installing and reinstalling then reading forums and this is my 3rd night, I can’t thank you enough for you help!!!!! bless you, sincerely, allyson magda

    PS now I’m off to see if this also worked for CS3 photoshop -I’ve only had this problem on my Mac Book Pro, versus my main machine, a Mac Pro.

  • no such luck, I will try your complete instructions!

  • used elements and must admit only a very limited portion of it. i moved up to a canon 40D camera, and because several people told me that submissions to magazines and newspapers would not be considered unless i sent in a raw image, i set both my cameras to shoot in the raw mode. at the same time i bought the then current version of photoshop cs3 extended – macintosh…. go figure ! I’d have done better to have shot my self in the foot. cs3 does not recognize camera raw from the canon, it does the leica pocket camera.

    i am wanting to remove the photoshop investment as a financial loss, and install the EOS software that came with the canon.. I may go back to elements, however i believe that because elements for mac runs behind pc versions i will continue to have the same problem…

    tell me how to remove the CS3 from my MacBook Pro.



  • I tried all of the fixes listed above, and Photoshop stills crashes when I try to save. Version Cue is disabled, the new update is installed, and I even tried replacing my 3.1.0 folder with my coworker’s whose works fine. Still crashes. Any other ideas?

  • @renee If you’re on a Mac, try resetting the printing system. in System Preferences -> Print & Fax, right click the left column. It seems like total voodoo, but I’ve seen that fix a CS3 startup crash more than once.

  • After I applied the version cue client updater through the Adobe Updater today, my InDesign CS3 would crash on open, save, place and export. The dialogue would not even come up. Just a hard crash.

    Deleted my 3.1.0 folder and did the standalone vc client installer and it fixed it completely.

    Thanks for the useful info.

  • My Illustrator is crashing when I press ‘place'(I installed an update this am). I’ve tried to delete the VC 3.1.0 and renamed 3.0.0 to 3.1.0 and still no luck. Any ideas, I am pulling my hair out! Thank you.

  • Thank you!
    I was sure it was Snow Leopard that kill the adobe suite and was about 2 seconds from buying the upgrade before I consulted the error logs and then google which lead me here.

    Dave Pijuan-Nomura solution worked like a champ. I may have cried some manly tears of joy.

    Thanks again!

  • I had been experiencing similar issues with a client machine running Mac OS X 10.4 and Adobe CS3. When she attempted to “Save As”, pulling down the menu just below the name in the expanded save dialog, the app would vanish. This only happened when she had an AFP volume mounted, but would happen on a new or old file no matter where it was stored.

    In conjunction with this error, the computer was also refusing to properly install Asset Services 3.1.0. It would run almost all the way through the 16MB installer but never finish.

    I tried all of the fixes above without success.

    However, I did notice something strange about some of the folders in
    /Library/Application Support/Adobe

    When I got info on them the Group permission field listed .

    I compared it to a stable version and saw that the group should have been listed as . So I change the permissions to everything in /Library/Application Support/Adobe and it’s children folders to

    Owner: System (R&W)
    Group: Admin (R&W)
    Others: Read Only

    After making this change, the Asset Services 3.1.0 installed worked in 15 seconds, and the file save dialog worked properly.

  • In the previous post, the middle sentence should read

    When I got info on them the Group permission field listed as Unknown.

  • Okay, so this blog doesn’t like when you put words inside the “” so some more of my text vanished.

    The group permissions I saw when I looked at a GOOD install were listed as “system”.

    Hopefully you didn’t completely ignore the rest of my post because two of the MOST IMPORTANT words had vanished because of how I chose to format them. :/

  • “Dave Henderleiter got it working by renaming an older version of Version Cue:
    In [/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Version Cue CS3/Client/3.1.0/] I had a 3.1.0 version and a 3.0.0 version. I deleted the 3.1.0 version and renamed 3.0.0 to 3.1.0 and all the apps worked right away without even a restart.”

    After endless frustration in trying to get Photoshop CS3 and Illustrator CS3 to work on my MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard I came across this solution. It seems to be working for me. Thanks so much.

  • Dave’s work around fixed my saving problem. Thank you SOOO much!

  • DAVE you are brilliant! THANK YOU! The renaming worked perfectly!!!!

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