WordPress MySQL Cheatsheets

Here are two cheatsheets showing the table-structure of WordPress versions 2.3 and 2.2.2. Click the thumbnails to download the PDF.

WordPress 2.3
WordPress 2.3 MySQL Tables

WordPress 2.2.2
WordPress 2.2.2 MySQL Tables

I created these to help transition some custom category queries from WordPress 2.2.2 over to the terms tables in WordPress 2.3. Table keys are in bold.The pages were generated by a small AppleScript Studio app I never quite cleaned up enough to release, it reads MySQL dumpfiles then spits out nice looking tables in OmniGraffle.

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  • These WordPress MySQL Cheatsheets are very helpful. Thank you!

  • Your schema listing is useful,but I am looking for more. I want to do a blog post from Filemaker directly into a WordPress MySCL database. The schema is useful, but it does not tell me exactly what fields have to be entered in what tables. A number of fields are very obvious, but I do not think that the obvious ones are all that have to be accommodated.

    I’m using WordPress 2.3

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