iTransmogrify! is a bookmarklet for iPhone which transforms embedded Flash content into direct links to natively supported formats. That means YouTube videos and MP3s can now be played from the iPhone’s Safari web browser with just a few clicks.

Seeing it work is the best explanation:

On an iPhone? Try it now: iTransmogrify! (works in Safari and Firefox too)

Sorry, it took YouTube a long time to re-encode that for iPhone, here’s a baby panda:


To install the bookmarklet, just drag the link to your Safari or Firefox Bookmarks, IE users should right click and choose “Add To Favorites…” After adding the link, sync your iPhone.

Grab it now: iTransmogrify!

You can also add iTransmogrify from your iPhone!

More information, source code and bug-tracking is available on the iTransmogrify Google Code page.

    Currently supported content:

  • Default YouTube Object-Embed code
  • YouTube bare Embed
  • YouTube bare Object
  • A variety of Flash-based MP3 players including Digg Podcasts

Lots more added: iTransmogrify update

Support for other embedded media sites will be added as I figure them out. Please report broken sites or suggest additional sources using Google Code issue tracker.


The first robust, script insertion bookmarklets I ever saw was Sumaato’s original Flickr GeoCoding bookmarklet.

Other sites also deserving links:

iPhone graphic reference:

Also, John Resig’s amazing jQuery JavaScript library. This project was the excuse I’d been looking for to finally dig in and learn it.

The name came from a late-night brainstorming chat with Bruce and was far more fun and interesting than the utilitarian ones I was thinking of. So thank you Bruce, and of course, Bill Watterson.

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  • I want suport for Stage6 !
    Can this be done.

  • Stage6 won’t work because they seem to exclusively use DivX for video. Unless they offer an iPod native download option that I couldn’t find, it’s not going to be possible.

    • Help me out so Im on and when I hit transmogrify it brings me back here

  • I’m having some trouble getting it to run with my ipod touch. When I click the link in my bookmarks after I’ve synced it, it does not do anything. It does work though when I click the link on your site.
    Any suggestions?

  • @Conner, What browser are you using to sync bookmarks?

  • IE. Firefox can’t be used to sync with itunes unless u know another way to.

  • OK, i have been trying to figure out how to save that as a bookmark without having to type it all in. Am I missing an easy way to do that?

    • yeah when on the web browser there should be a little plus sign at the bottom…. click on that then click done

  • How did you learn you can run javascript on the current page from a bookmark? That is cool!

    • it won’t work on my space video

  • I think the reason why it’s not running correctly for me is because when the bookmark gets saved, it changes the (‘s to %25 or something like that and it messes the code up.

  • Any hope for streaming sites like

  • I wrote up a preliminary workaround for Internet Explorer users who are getting corrupted bookmarklets:

  • How do you sync to the iphone i can’t get it

  • Video Unavailable

    This video does not currently support iPhone

    Is what i got after i clicked the On an iPhone? Try it now: iTransmogrify! (works in Safari and Firefox too)

    iTransmogrify link :(

  • thank you!!!!!! works great!

  • @Adam YouTube still hasn’t converted that video for iPhone, that’s why I put the panda video there. My earlier tests were converted in about an hour, I’m not sure why this one hasn’t been.

  • Thanks for this. If it works as claimed, that’d solve one big irritant with Safari on the iPod Touch for me.

    I got the “Video Unavailable” message, but I’ll give it a proper go when I sync my iPod later.

  • I used my ipod Touch with this and it worked 100% – Oh yeah I used Safari to sync with my ipod – THANKS!

  • Workaround does not remove the problem with IE 7: it looks like “%” characters are mangled to “%25”.

  • i can’t get it to work on directly… only on embed youtubes pages

  • I’m using Safari to sync bookmarks. However, when I put iTransmogrify into my bookmark bar it wont sync to my iPhone. All my other bookmarks will sync perfectly but not this one. Any suggestions?

  • I understand exactly how this works, but my question is:

    when I save iTrans.. as a favorite in IE, can I sync it with iPhone by itself, without having to sync all gazillion of my favorites which i have accumulated in IE?

  • Does this operation needs a pc to do it or you can just do it
    with the iphone itself??……..i don’t get it!!….LOL

  • How about dailymotion? They have an iPhone compatible site ( with transcoded videos, but if you follow a link to the normal site they won’t play.

  • Thanks…. This is great!!!

  • i can’t tranfer my bookmarks from PC to Iphone!
    How it work to transfer the Bookmarks from PC to Iphone?


  • Genius!

  • this little thing is really great. thnx.

  • The specific problem I have is that the bookmark in ie DOES have operators such as { , but whenever it gets synched to the ipod touch it strips them out and replaces then with the html equivolents i.e. %20 etc. if i try to edit the bookmark on the iPod Touch and replace them with the proper symbol, when i save and go back in, the ipod has changed them back to html.

  • I was able to do the email to myself but it didn’t hyperlink the ending I just then forward it again and the whole thing was a hyperlink to open in iphone and bookmark it but can’t get it to work.

  • Hey,
    First of all: Great work!
    Can you make it work for :)
    Would be even greater.^^
    Kind Regards

  • Hey,
    First of all: Great work! :)
    Can you get it working for
    It would be awesome.^^
    Kind Regards

  • Hi Guys!! Very nice work, I love it!!
    I’ve seen that there are some of you have problems to bookmark the Javascript!
    So now I present you a nice and easy way to bookmark it! I have made this small and simple website and tested it myself. It works and takes only a few seconds.

    So visit the link below with your ipod touch or your iphone and follow the short instructions on the site. That’s it!!

    Have fun!!

  • YES!! It works awesome job. Thanks,

  • does anybody know of a single website this has been tested on besides the author?
    If so can they leave some examples?
    It has failed every site including youtube

  • Joe, yes thank you for the response =)

  • @DOC here are a few random ones I used for testing:

    YouTube’s default embedding code is recognized and converted. Additionally, these work: (if they’re YouTube) (odd sizes, some deleted videos) (mp3, click listen then iTransmogrify) (many mp3s)

    There’s nothing anyone can do to make content play if YouTube hasn’t transcoded it to h.264. Also, if the server doesn’t support byte-range requests, Mobile Safari won’t play the content.

    I could make it work for YouTube, but there’s not really much point since YouTube urls are auto-remapped on iPhone and iTouch. It would just change the movie into a link to the page you’re already on.

  • Thanks man, worked for me!!! For some guys the word “drug” is confusing – use “save” instead.

    Good luck, enjoy

  • Try this Link from your iPhone and folow the instructions:
    This way you don’t need to sync your browser with the phone…

  • hi joe,
    i have added your application to the , i hope you will appreciate it. Now People can have your script, simply adding the ispazio repository “” and installing itransmogrify. more info on – if you can , contact me please

  • Joe,

    Will Transmogrify work on streaming radio stations that require flash? I listhen to… I tried using your solution, but to no avail. Wondering if I am doing it right.

    – Andrew

  • Joe, thanks a lot for your script. We started using it at this small video-related social network called (sorry it is still only available in Spanish) and it seems to work great.

    You can see the thingy in action here:

  • This is pretty awsome!
    The only thing is…
    It doesn’t work on MySpace music players!
    Neither the single song ones, nor the multiple song ones on artists’ pages.

    Is this a possibilty?

    The songs are uploaded as .mp3.
    For example, go to
    and type in

    Is there anyway for this to work on the iPhone/iPod touch?

    Thanks anyways! :)

  • Is there any chance that you could make something like this for the Helio Ocean or Fin? They encode videos into .3g2 format

  • This is GREAT! Now, if only I could watch TMZ videos…

  • thanks for this.

    Does anybody know if this will work with googlevideo?

    Thanks again

  • only work for youtube… not other… any?


  • Cool stuff, this should give YouTube video sites even more exposure on the iPhone.

  • Hmm…how come itransmogrify doesn’t work for me!

    I tried all the possible ways listed up top. Even checked the source URL and it’s not corrupted. I’m pretty tech literate and think I did everything right, what am I doing wrong!?

  • Hi Joe thanks!!

    I listen to almost continually and would give anything to be able to stream mp3 from my I phone.

    Just a suggestion (if it is possible at all) thanks for the code!


  • Its good, but i havn’t really found any sites which do support this program. Any sites similar to youtube which this program supports?

  • Is there anyone who knows how to get XM radio to work on the iPhone? When I try and listen online ( it just says I need to download flash. Can anyone figure out how to make this happen? I know of a lot of people who would love to have this.


  • Very nicely done

  • Very nifty!

    How do you get the “find in this page button” I see in the video under the iTransmogrify bookmark? I could really use that also.

  • I found “Find in this page” in this LifeClever post, unfortunately they didn’t credit the author and I haven’t been able to find out who wrote it.

  • hi there, i installed this using installer app and ispazio’s link and it erased all my books and now i can’t get them back…drag. Is ispazio a trusted source or i a idiot for doing this?


  • so does it work on anything other than youtube? I tried it and can’t get any of my favorite sites 2 work..

  • @ACE if you list the sites I can see about making them work.

    @Chris I haven’t used ispazio’s installer, I suggest you talk to him directly, and please let me know what happens.

  • Thanks Cean! The link worked great!

  • Hi, thanks for this great app. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for Myspace which would be by far the primary use for it for me, and maybe most people (I often use iPhone to see what band I want to go see at night). Will it be possible to fix this? It works with but that is really annoying to type everything in.

    Also, doing the link in Safari and syncing it didn’t work for some reason. But using your tip in the Google Code and that .de site it worked. Would be nice if you had a link to that here because I had to type the whole address in as the comment in Google Code is not a link.

    Thanks very much for your great work!


  • how do I add the link to my bookmarks, to see the flash files on my iphone ?

  • Here is another bookmarklet : Flulet, to instantly iphonize yourself the website you are reading

    Flulet is a bookmarklet for iPhone users (mainly), that provides the functionnality that you can see in the address bar in standard browsers.

    Flulet redirects you to the feed of the website you are reading, so you can read the content, when avaiable in the feed, far more easily with your iPhone embedded reader. When you are on a blog or a website with a feed file, just open Flulet bookmark and you will be redirected to the feed.

    For more information and install instruction, you can go this post :

    Flulet is a commentware : if you use Flulet and like it, just write a comment to the blog post !

  • Add source from installer iphone.

    install from category

    chose : iTransmogrify

    have fun.

  • I first tried this using the install from ispazio source. The script worked but when installing it removed all other bookmarks in my iPhone. Luckily I figured out I could over write them since I had previously synced with Safari using iTunes on my PC. There is a check box in iTunes way at the bottom of the info tab under advanced that says, “Replace information on this iPhone: Bookmarks.” I checked that and it restored my bookmarks. Now if I add the bookmark in Safari and sync it does nothing although tapping on the link within this page does work.

  • terrible works perfectly!!!!!

  • I went to the source, but there is no iTransmogrify in there. Any other sugestions ?

  • I do not see the iTransmogrify in the installer. I have installed the source

    Did you pull it out???/

  • I have nothing to do with the installer packages. Several people reported problems with the iSpazio installer where it deleted all their bookmarks, so hopefully they pulled it. Personally I don’t understand why someone needs an installer to add a bookmark, but maybe I’m not understanding something about jailbroken iPhones.

    I added a direct install page and will update this page after I finish the update I’m working on.

  • Joe, tried the direct install. Much simplier and safer than the Great work! Thanks.

  • great it works for me now.

  • at the risk of sounding retrated does it only work for youtube videos from the site or can you watch videos from other sites threw youtube?

  • okay I’m kind of confused. Can sum1 give me a step by step guide to this. Is like to view sites like live365 radio, and myspace music players is this possible??? Please any responses help..

  • @travis

    I’m experimenting with some stuff for MySpace MP3s. They do a lot to hide and protect the files, so it’s not easy to find out where they are, but I’ve been poking around. No promises, but I’m trying.

    I don’t think Live365 will work because of the way they stream files. Also, I haven’t tried parsing .pls files yet, and I’m not sure if it’s possible. The few manually extracted media urls I tried wouldn’t play on the iPhone. looks to be mostly Windows Media files, so those aren’t going to work. However if they start offering iPod/iPhone compatible videos it would be pretty easy to implement.

  • The thing doesn’t work on myspace!!!!! Fix it pleaseeeeeeasee I can’t watch videos on myspace

  • @alex Could you please post a few addresses of pages with video? I don’t have a lot of friends on MySpace and haven’t found much by just stumbling around blindly.

  • can you get videos from

  • Hey Joe, any chance you could add support for ? I would love to be able to watch some fresh prince on my iPhone!

  • Joe great job making this code, i thought of it myself actually before i ever knew it was already done, but i had no idea how to do it anyway so thanks for doing it for me haha. would be great if you could get the myspace music players to work and as far as myspace videos go all you have to do to find some is click on videos on the main page …also i was wondering….would it be possible to implement this code in ANY flash environment somehow…for ex. a flash based videochat like or…that would be sick but i’m guessing it will only work for media files? maybe once apple releases the sdk next month it could be more of a possibility?

  • Its not working for me for any sites…. Can someone recommend a few that it works works with?

  • I can’t seem to get it to work on my iPod
    touch does it work the same or is there a
    different way to install it on the iPod touch

  • How about ?

    Good work with the bookmarklet, though I can’t wait till flash can be viewed on iPhone without any problems.


  • Unfortunately looks like it won’t work. They self-host all the video content I checked, and it’s all FLV. If there’s an iPod compatible podcast somewhere, I’ll see what I can do. Otherwise, we’re unfortunately locked out.

  • this is great and works wonderfully at

  • @Manor, thanks for the pointer, I’m adding that one to the Test Suite.

  • Great program, will test it as soon as I get my iPod Touch.

    Quick suggestion: if you can make it compatible with you will be amazed, there has to be a way.


  • I tried the itransmogrify. Did everything that was promised by the author. But when I try to play the online flash videos it gives me a message to download a flash player of the latest version on my iPhone. Does anybody know any other way this can be done?

  • Please leave a url for the site you’re having trouble with so I can figure out what went wrong.

  • work nice thank u

  • Dear Joe,
    I have

    It has nice type in traffic and revenue,if you want this domain name,let me know.

    It can bring you lots of $$$$$$$.

    If you want this domain name ,please get back to me with kind offer.Thanks a lot.


  • I was about to delete that as spam, but then I thought someone else might be interested. Feel free to contact if you are.

  • help!!!!! it won’t work!!! When i delete the http://joemaller… etc., and click the bookmark, nothing happens! One time it said that safari couldn’t open the page because it is local… help!! I have 1.1.3… Do you think that has something to do with it??? Please help

  • sorry i meant *firmwire* update 1.1.3

  • Ah i restarted it (turned in off then back on) and now it works. Weird…

  • does pokertube works?

  • I haven’t been able to play Flickr photo slideshows on my iPod Touch while using iTransmogrify. Am I doing something wrong?

  • can you try
    best music site on the net

  • hey joe!

    i just stumbled across here. good job! thanks a lot!

    do you think you can help me to hear my preferred german radio station on my iphone too?!

    on the right side they offer a variety of formats – flash is among them. (i’m talking about “deutschlandradio kultur”)

    and it would be even better if i could also watch the flash clips on ! ;)

  • Man, you are my god. Thank you!

    it would be great if it works, thanks joe!

  • Hi Joe. I can’t get this to work with or I’m a big fan of Survivor and Dexter. Am I expecting too much? Maybe it only works for youtube video.

    Thanks for all you’re doing though.

    Mava in Tennessee

  • There’s a lot more than just YouTube, but as far as I’ve been able to tell, isn’t offering any iPod/iPhone compatible alternate content. If they have any sort of podcast or MP4 available please post instructions on where to find it and I’ll hook things up.

    Both Dexter and Survivor are available from the iTunes store, they’re not free but they do look great on iPhone.

  • joe can you try to add BBC iplayer

    That would be wicked

    Thanks terry

  • @terry BBC iPlayer seems to be blocking IP addresses from outside the UK, all I can see is a big “Sorry, this programme is only available to play in the UK”.

    I know BBC has a lot of video content on iTunes, is there something specific I should try to make work?

  • thats pretty cool, how come it only works on some websites and not all of them?

  • @niall The content has to exist in iPod/iPhone compatible format, and be served in a compatible way for it to work. iTransmogrify! doesn’t enable Flash, it goes around it.

  • it would be nice if it works with

  • Joe,
    I have a brand new ipod touch 16gb (with the new ipod apps on it too). I just added the itransmogriphy bookmark and when i load this page into my browser on the touch, i get a 404 error. I can’t get anything to load….I actually got the javascript bookmark in by doing the iphone style load. Do I need to manually make the bookmark on the mac and then sync it? Even so, why am I getting a 404 on this page?

  • Will this work for other flash-embedded videos besides YouTube?

  • oh!!! merci, sa marche très bien!

  • @Matt Is the site you’re trying it on listed in the Test Suite?

    Those are known to work, let me know.

  • Can u make wptv work

  • i just got a new ipod touch 8gb today. and i tried it and it doens’t work? when i hit the bookmark link for your itransmogrify the picture of the flash video does show up. but when i click on it. it pops up a new window of that page again saying that it i don’t have the latest java or i have it disabled. do you think it’s cuz of the new software?

  • @lee, sounds like it’s working. Google changed something with their redirect which broke the script on pages. I’ve got it fixed here and will be updating the script in the next day or two after I’ve finished testing.

  • yo joe do you have like a list of supported portals?

  • @vladimir Test Suite

  • Hi, thakns for do it. Im from uruguay and my carrier wap’s (edge) port lony enable 80 and 443(https), i don’t know if it’s the problem witch youtube doesn’t work, only mxtube…but using itransmorgrify entering on others sites like the demo site (here) load the video and works, and trying youtube website and runing the js doesn work because this can’t find the video….

    well if you imagine a solution, please tell to me, really thank you..





    And fix please, thank you

  • Thanks. This is an excellent tool.

  • Great work on this script … I have used it at various times but it would be good if you made it compatible with more social networking sites… E.g. With the Bebo flashbox, myspace songs & vids and also with FaceBook vids! I would use it a LOT more with these added and I think that others would too!

    Thanks! And mail me back with future updates please!

  • “A variety of Flash-based MP3 Players” – can you elaborate?

    I’m looking to find the secret to create an MP3 player in Flash that will work with iTrans. I’d love host a few podcasts in MP3 format (as well as other files) and while I can just HTML link to MP3 files, I would love to be able to show a visible playlist.

    Latest Flash, CS3 Suite.


  • downloaded it from…
    Went to p,
    clicked on the bookmark,
    nothing happens,

    What am I doing wrong ?

  • @Kuzu Try installing from iTransmogrify’s GoogleCode site. Most of the other sites hosting copies are serving older files which don’t work.

    The latest version updates transparently and works with all YouTube sites and embeds plus many other video sites.

  • I was serious… will it support any flash or just spesific ?

    I gave an example.. (yazum)

  • Could you try and make work with this great app

  • i’ve got the ipod touch 32gb , i followed all the instructions on this page, just when i actully tri to use it, it never does anything, what can i do? does
    it only work with the iphone?

    Thanks alot

  • Hi, works for you toube video but not works on flash websites.

    how cani do please ?
    thanks a lot !

  • everything works when I use it on this site, but does it not work for google video? Because when I do the same steps on google video the video does not come up and the blue box remains.

    Any help would be much appriciated
    thank you, Daniel

  • It works great. Would like some help with getting the puscifer site to work. Thanks.

  • I have trying to work the transmogrify for 2 days now but still can’t figure it out.
    I have the link correct and all information correct, but it just will not work for the little blue cube shows up but after pressing the transmogrify in the bookmark it does not do anything.

    Can you help me out Joe?

  • Hello,

    Can provide access to videos.

    Thanks You

  • Hej,

    could you try to get the jave applet at It hardly need some tool for this, and it doesn’t work so far..

    Thanks in advance,


  • Awesome script!! works like a charm!!

  • Hello

    This is not working for me either on my Iphone 1.1.4

    I hit the trans button and the search thing spins around but the blue box remains no vids.

  • hi joe great script ok can you add support to the following sites please: and please thx

  • this is great, it works on my 1.1.4 unlocked jailbroken iphone. Now i have to see how many sites this will work on.

  • Thank You. It is really great. Very useful.

  • after just a few websites, I notice it only works on inbedded videos from youtube.

  • this site was not working for me would u b able to tell me why or would u b able to fix and cover the missing link needed!?!

    Also I have noticed that also is not covered but it says that it needs flash player and this does flash player!!!!!

    Please and Thank you!!!!
    please respond asap!!!!!!!

  • sorry the site was Once more

  • this works very well on my new iPhone!!!!!!!!

  • Seems the iPhone 2.0 software doesn’t need this any more.

  • when I tried to highlight that little bit it would not highlight so how can I get around this or how do u highlight it, oh by the way I am trying to do it with an iPod touch so does that make a difference

  • Nope I have the latest 2.0 firmware what used to work with itransmogrify is not working anymore. So something new is needed for the flash to work in the youtube videos

  • can this work on…?

    wow, this is embarassing…lol…

  • ok, maybe i’m retarded but how the hell do you get the transmogrify link saved as a bookmark on the touch. it sounds so easy, just drag, but that doesn’t work. how do you do this??!?!?!?!?!

  • Will this work on New 3G modle and

  • why every time I go to youtube it sends me to the mobile page am I doing something wrong

  • Joe

    How do you get the url you need to edit into the iPhone in the first place? In other words which page do you need to be on? I am sorry I was confused by the instructions. Can you help?

    Looks as though it going to be very useful though.



  • Can somebody help me, when I click on trans I can see only the youtube icon and the panda but when I click on it kicks me out of safari. I’m using a itouch

  • any chance of you making this work with or even veoh in general????

  • and, if jt helps it mostly uses toudu and pleaz and thnx

  • It does not seem to be working at while on my ipod touch.

    Is this due to the google redirect?

  • does this not work on the 2.0 update because I did everything right and it still won’t work I press the bookmark and the thing in the corner just spins around for about 5 seconds then stops and nothing happens to the page please help I really want to watch flash videos.

  • Dow I have to have youtube anable please anwer me joe

  • Several folks had questions about syncing bookmarks to the iphone…

    I’m using O-Marks (free iPhone App) to sync bookmarks with my foxmarks bookmarks on firefox.

    I hope this is helpful.

  • is it possible for veoh videos to be played?

  • Ok – I used this today. Cool right? Javascript running from the bookmarks.
    Well, now, when im navigating webpages, safari locks up. I removed the bookmark, cleared cache, cookies and history several times. held down homebutton and power. Restarted.

    Same thing. Is there a specific way to remove this or could it have damaged some preference for Safari on my iPhone 3G 2.02(its not jailbroken so there should be no read/write access to have done this)?

    Is this nor related and I am just now finding a bug?

    Is there a way to remove this besides removing the bookmark and the cookies?

    Help, thank you <3

  • I can’t Godtube to work Joe and I tried to go to and it wont work either.

  • @help it’s not the bookmarklet, Safari and a lot of iPhone OS 2.0 is really buggy. Hopefully things will be more stable in 2.1, but my iPhone seems to crash a couple times a day now with heavy browsing.

  • Er… Does this work with youtube only? Because I’ve tried a few links from SideReel and I got nothing.

    So this java thingy only works with the videos we already can access through youtube program on our iTouches?

  • can’t connect to you tube.
    I’m getting really frustrated Reading about
    how this and that and the other site…e.g.
    stage ,won’t won’t.

    How about telling us what WILL work?
    now there’s an idea!

    I’m so sick of wasting my time on
    so much bull on the Internet


  • I am using the new iPod touch and it looks like you don’t even need itransmogify anymore.

  • work perfect easy to do thanks a lot a+++++++

  • This will be great for free mp3 flash site like

  • Please let me know if possible use iTransmogrify on my iphone 3G and if possible how can use it!?!?
    Tepo [ITA]

  • What about blinkx Remote ( It’s a site with a ton of TV you can watch online for free.

  • Does this also work with ipod touch 1stG?

  • It should work with iPod Touches too. I’m currently reviewing the code to bring it up to speed with iPhone OS 2.1, the previous 2.0x releases were very buggy and broke a lot of stuff.

  • Can you add support

  • I love your program. It makes browsing some sites useful considering that the iPhone is lacking some flash support. Can you also add ? I use this site more than youtube. It has less garbage in my opinion.

  • really need this website to watch movies hope u can make it work aight peace out

  • It don’t work on iphone 3g 2.1 firmware. Still have the stupid icon there.

  • hi,
    can someone please let me know EXACTLY how to get the LINK into my ipod touch.

  • Hey Joe I was wondering if you can get Divx or Hulu working in an update. I also need

  • I have a 2.1 iPod touch and everytime I try to use the bookmark on a video nothing happens. It worked for the video on this website but no where else. Can anyone help me out?

  • hey can you get to work for it?

  • South Park Studios is in the Hulu camp, I highly doubt they’ll be offering anything iPod/iPhone compatible anytime soon. Especially considering their episodes are for sale on iTunes.

  • hello joe…

    My Iphone 2.1 not working the itransmogrify please.. I check this site

    your reply highly appreciated
    Thank you…

  • Can it be made to work with Saturday Night Live?

  • not work on iphone 2.1

  • Is it possible to add or veoh vids hosted on other sites?

  • Can i play Flash player videos?

    Cause i use flash player wayyyyy more than java. Iwould recommend this site to everyone i know if it can do that.

    (please respond to my e-mail address)

  • Will it work on (to watch the simpsons)?

  • nothing works for the iPod touch… I really wanna watch other videos on other websites.

  • Hey Joe, can you get it to work with Thanxs

  • can u get this 2 work for

  • Hi i use a iPod touch and it is not jailbroken. I have folkowed the instructions and i have bookmarked the site but it still doesn’t work. How come? Do i have to press on the link in the bookmark or does the program simply not work on a iPod touch?

  • hello.. mmm?
    i have a question
    Can you use this if you have an iPod touch, not an iPhone?

  • Hey!

    Really usefull bookmark/app
    thanks to all of you who made these possible!

  • In order for me to use iTranmogrify do I need to jailbreak my iPod touch first?

  • @DarkFire no, iTransmogrify is just a bookmarklet, it runs a JavaScript which works in the web browser.

  • How about if my iPod touch is 2nd generation firmware 2.2? Will it still work?

  • @DarkFire there may be issues with some iPod Touches related to processor speed.

  • Does this application work for Sirius? Thanks in advance~!

  • do i need to jail break my iphone 2 do this?? does this screw up my iphone?

  • Hi Joe,

    I’ve just tried your bookmarklet with the following site:

    but it fails to render any of the flash videos! :-((

    Does your bookmarklet only work when the flash videos are equally encoded in another video format supported by the iPhone (e.g. mp4 for Youtube flash videos)?


  • Hey Joe, can you get it to work with Thanks in advance

  • Hey Joe, Does this work with all adobe flash player required videos?

  • Thank you so much for this sir. Just a suggestion for those not so tech savy people, you could try maybe making a section in your page that goes into detail on what this actually does and how. Just a suggestion. Oh by the way if you are to get this through ispazio there is a disclaimer stating that it will delete all previous bookmarks, to get them back just uninstall the package

    Thanks again!!

  • I have a ipod touch and i want put iTranmogify on it but i’m good in emglish please help me in french (if u can) thank

    • lets see if I can help ya!
      de l’installer, tout d’aboard aller à la partie du site qui dit que itransmorgifyee on itouch.
      puis, cliquez surle lien.
      lorsque vous êtes sur la page, enregistrer la page comme um favori (bookmark- hit the plus button +) sur notre itouch safari.
      en suite, allez à vos signets itouch.
      puis, cliquez sur modifier. et puis modifiez le liven de signets
      aller là ou it says javascript, une suppression bout devanr elle.
      TA DAH! vous arez fait!
      hope i helped!
      de rien!

  • Can you support this website too??please =]

  • hi,
    installed this for my i podtouch but it dosent work for viedoes. could u please try fix this.

  • Is it possible to convert the files into QuickTime so an iPod touch can play all of them? If not can you make http://www.megavideo.con work:) thankyou

  • sorry i didnt mention that when i click on bookmark then i click on “itransmogify” it just shows up a loading icon on top of that webpage but it doesn’t pop up or transfer to youtube or anything like that.

  • ya is this supposed to work on touch cuz it isnt

  • I am doin this from my iPod touch I downloaded it but it didn’t work on please fix this annoyin buggin problem

    • you are retarded it’s for videos not club penguin dumbass

  • I tried so many times and it still doesn’t work. I got an iPhone 3G. I am French and I can understand English, but after edit the bookmark what am I suppose to do? Just delete the adress after the “?”
    And what else?
    Thanks a lot :)

    • kevinspike, you got it wrong. you must delete the adress before the ?
      then, delete the ‘?’ from the adress. that will do it!

  • I have an Ipod touch 16G, I did everything I was supposed to, and the thing worked on this page, but when I went to it didn’t work…

  • Hi

    I used iPhone 3g and would like to know can I play webgame after use this app??
    If not, pls advise what can I do
    Thanks so much

  • It works great. It’s very easy people

  • Hell-O,
    Thx for that bookmark. Great Job ;)
    However I installed it on my Ipod Touch and it works perfect on your website, I launched the fisrt video without any problem.
    But on myspace and others websites it didn’t work at all as I try to watch vidz …
    Is there any way to fix that problem ?


  • Thanks but still didn’t work.. Still says “video not currently available in iphone”

  • How do you watch videos on the Internet on the touch
    Please help

  • Hey, so is it possible for this to work on the ipod touch? if so, any instructions? thanks

  • Hello,

    If you could make iTransmogrify supports the content of Megavideo.

    Thank you.

  • I don’t really understand this. Is there any way to get this on ur iPod without syncing it?
    Im confused. Could someone please explain what to do? I have a 16G iPod touch :P

    Thanks~ :]

  • Nvm the last post, I figured out what to do. Although it’s still not cooperating with me. I followed all of the steps and I’m totally stumped on how to fix this.

    Gah, I need help.
    Thanks :]

  • Is there any way to play videos on this website? It says it requires the latest version of Macromedia Flash Player. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated thank you

  • Um, hello.
    Can anyone please help me?
    I added the bookmarklet to Firefox & IE but I still don’t know what to do…

    Help, please?

  • I Would appreciate a Fix for site.
    Is it possible?

  • Everything works as it should on my G3 Iphone and it will load the movie and then says ‘youtube not available’ So I’m stuck’ Try this page and see if it works for you…

  • You can try imobilecinema which is a plugin flash for your jailbreak iPhone. Cheers!

  • No entiendo por que despues de añadirlo en los booksmarks , cuando se edita la direción del sitio web esta en el archivo I-Phone .

  • I have tried to install it, but I don’t get the last step. I tried what it said, and tried it on the site, but it won’t work!!! Help!!!!! I have a 8g itouch

  • It seems the new 3.0 firmware update for the iTouch has solved the Youtube problem, but this is the only thing I’ve seen to solve the mp3 file problem.

    Will this be getting an update anytime soon?

  • plz cud u sort outthis websites video stuff for ipod touch 2g

  • hey i wanted to watch some anime on different websites but i can’t how can i do it

  • i have done wat it said but i keep try to wat it on my 8g ipod touch but it keep showing that square thing

  • when I klick on the link this will appear:
    “1 Trackback pings must use HTTP POS`T”
    not a java code

  • I’m using an iPhone 3G S. Everything works for me as shown in the demo video up until you actually click on the video to play it. At that point, instead of launching the Youtube app and playing the video there, it opens a new tab of Safari and tries to load the Youtube URL where the video is located. Of course, the video doesn’t play there either, it just shows the “play” symbol crossed out like it did before you run the iTransmogrify bookmarklet. I tried to run iTransmogrify on the Youtube URL, and the same thing happened — it changed to the Youtube icon and the screenshot of the video, but when I clicked it it just reloaded the same page in a new tab and didn’t play the video. Anyone know what’s up? Is this a 3G-S thing?

  • My mistake: when I’m already on Youtube and use iTransmogrify, it just reloads the page after briefly displaying a screen about Youtube Redirector or something.

  • a ne fonctionne pas chez moi, ni pour Facebook, ni pour un lecteur flash personnalisé

  • Hi, Im onzin an iPod touch 2nd gen right now, wich has a YouTube player from it’s own, so when I open this website I can play the video’s already.
    But on most sites that doesn’t use youtube videos I can’t view them. Even when theyre on the list of compatible sites. Also,can hou make it compatible with other large sites such as Instructables? Thanks

  • Okay, how do u add this to an ipod touch?

  • Can u make this link work

  • i have an iphone 3gs and have been trying to access a tv guide online but it requires a flash player… i have tryed what this site says and it does not work….any ideas

  • it didnt work for me i have a 3g iphone trying to watch flash news on my online news papaer any help?

  • Hallo!

    I can’t hear this web radio

    with iTransmogrify. Is it normal or did I do something wrong?

  • Can u make work?

  • please give the last step once more…

  • pple, this shit don’t work, everybody knows youtube works, just nothing else, have him show a video other than youtube and i will be convinced.

    its really simple if they could make a plugin that treats these formats as Apple Quicktime movies then it woould work…

  • Hi
    I followed the instructions for my iphone 3GS but nothing works. For example, the NY Times site flash video just shows the same cube before and after I apply the applet.

  • Hi, when i do it, the blue box isn’t here yet, but i can see: Mega video page, This megavideo video is not yet avaible in a MobileSafari compatible format.

    How i can see the video plz?

  • I keep trying the test sites with my 3GS iPhone and for them most part they do not work. I have used the latest bookmarklet but to no avail. the NY Times and Slate videos do not convert. Any advice on what to try next?


  • This shit does not work any more I used this for the longest and now on other iPods I do this to it doesn’t work it’s bullshit go find a diff site to fix it and don’t suport this one irecomend cinema easier to do too this is bs leave this fucking site alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!fuck them

  • hmmmm , my itouch dosn’t want to grab the bookmark, i don’t know why . Help ?

  • It does not work it just stay’s there help

  • Itried this on my iPhone 3g and it didn’t work any suggestions. I tried on several flash videos and nothing can anyone help please

  • Will the Iphone or Itouch work with ATDHE.NET?
    we launched the site and ran the Itransmogrify and did not work is there a fix?

  • The definition of a stable model was generalized to programs with choice rules. ,

  • does it work for itouch

  • I have a 8gb 2.1.1 touch but itransmogrify isn’t working what do I do

  • I hace a iPhone 3gs i followed the instructions and it works perfectly in this page but nothing else what other options r left? Does it works w this model? Thnx

  • I downloaded the code for installing directly to my iPhone (3G 8GB), and edited it per the instructions. I don’t usually have a problem with YouTube videos; it’s videos and mp3s on all OTHER sites (private, professional websites and blogs, etc.) that are the problem. iTransmogrify has never worked on any of these other sites.

  • I have ipod touch not phone 16 gigabites 3.1.1 it doesnot work

  • I’ve never had a problem with veoh or youtubeish sites it’s just ones like sites) and I’ve tried the transmogrify thing and it didn’t help.

  • it doesn’t work for me it just says movie cannot be played and yes I used transmogrify it redirected me to you tube but I wasn’t able to play anything.

  • Your code works great on my 8GB iPod Touch 3G. Thanks! Have you considered trying to make it work for the Napster streaming music client that requires Flash? It would be incredible to have access to their music library from my Touch. Thanks in advance for letting me know if something like this would ever be possible.

  • Hey joe ,

    i have a ipod touch. Can i directly install it from my itouch or i need to have and iphone for it??

  • Tools…why sync….I’m very confused. Go to this site on your iphone or touch, click the link where it says to get it in iphone then edit the bookmark like he explains. It’s rediculously easy and I’m very, very confused why anybody is bookmarking this then syncing it. I presume if you are looking for internet video you have internet…maybe i’m missing something.

    Any for me not that effecitve because i’m looking for it to work with and it won’t. I’m not sure why I need it for youtube videos when there is a youtube app.

  • i did the whole editing and syncing thing as you explained, but when i play the panda video it goes to youtube? i don’t think it’s working…and btw i have an ipod touch 8 gb

  • Can anyone confirm if this will work with to play videos?

  • It does not work on please can you get a upgarde that can fix it so that I can watch naruto shippuden on my iPhone on the move I can watch it because I do not use my laptop very often

    • Fuck u man u watch porn ..!..

  • The reproduction of videos of YouTube now is supported by the version of iPhone OS 3.1.3

  • Hi joe how can i play theses radio stations they all have unplayable icon by it can you try and see what i need to do thanks,…

  • Is there support for anytime soon?

  • I notice how your video on this site views on an iphone and seen it is from you tube embed.

    But there must be more to it as my i phone won’t view videos embeded on my site from you tube.

    Can you explain the reason why

  • hi…i been this site..but it’s not working on megavideo or divx videos,,how would i fix that?? or Are there any ways to get it to work?? please help..

  • Is this only for about animeseason or any website does it support…

  • How do I add this to a bookmark for my iPod touch?

  • @joe, Hey bro…..I tried the iphone process with my ipod touch…But it ain’t workin….I’m not understanding the installation process too,which link do i copy to the browser & all…..plz plz plz help me with the installation plzzz…..

  • I tried this and it doesn’t work on any anime site I try to go to. And that’s the only kind if video sites I visit. mostly

  • hey,just identified your web-site when i google something and wonder what webhosting do you use for your blog,the speed is more faster than my web site, i really need to know it.will back to check it out,i appreciate it!

  • I have a 16gb ipod touch an it said that need a flash player to play other video from other web site or online it ask me that need to down load a flash player so how can I download a flash player or how do I get the flash player to work on my 16gb ipod touch to work

  • I have a 16gb ipod touch an I try play video from other web site or online an ask for a flash player an how do you download a flash player or how do you get a flash player to work on 16gb ipod touch and also can i get a internet with out the wifi because I been hearing people has been getting the internet on there ipod touch with out the wifi and aslo how do get the bluetooth to work on a 16gb ipod touch to work

  • I am on a school computer without Flash player installed on it. I can’t watch the YouTube video, even with your iTransmogrify, probably because of the new YouTube page.

  • Great work! Had the url on my iphone for years.
    Any work being done with the ipad?

  • I downloaded itransmogrify from my ipod touch but it doesn’t work

  • AAHHH! I downloaded it, I added it to me IE favorites, and I added it to my iTouch bookmarks and deleted the first half, nothing happens when I open the bookmark. (I tried looking up a random bideo with the little blue box with ? marks to test it, nothing happened. PLEASE help :3

  • Does this work anymore and will it work on the new iphone 4? plz reply

  • I recently bought an ipad. Try it and it doesnt work. Any suggestion.

  • With firefox you can right click the link and click “copy source” then mail the code to yourself. Then you open mail in safari, copy the code, and make a new bookmark for itransmogrify. Save the bookmark, then edit the path and replace it by pasting the code. That way you won’t have a problem with the code being correctly stored. However, I’ve found this bookmarklet doesn’t work for me. Oh well…

  • Or you can search for Phonlets, another bookmarklet, that allows you to directly save the bookmarklets onto your iPod Touch or iPhone.

  • Hey can I use itransmogrify to play a flash video or no?

    • My bad I meant to ask if it could work on a flash video that was not embedded by YouTube. So can it?

  • Does it work on and ? Thanks! ^^

  • Why won’t it work on project playlist?

  • I’m not getting how to do this.
    You said drag the link but I’m
    not sure what link your talking
    about. Can you please email
    me the link itself or a step by
    step of how to download it for
    a 2nd gen itouch.

  • There does not appear to be a response to frequent queries as to how to install Transmogrify for the ITouch. any possibility that a clear step by step process could be posted or sent to me?

    Thanking you in advance.

    • I’m long overdue for re-writing the installation instructions (and iTransmogrify itself) but all you need to do is tap and hold on the iTransmogrify! link, choose ‘copy’ then paste into the url field of any bookmark.

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  • How to install in iPod 4th gen. Pls help

  • je n’ai rien compris???????????

  • This apple shoud work with my site

  • when i played tha video,it played in the youtube but when it was loading, it says” Youtube not Available” what can i do??

  • You keep on mentioning a link. What link? You’re like “click the link, then sync it blah blah blah” I can’t seem to find it anywhere…

  • The only bad part about installing this app through the is
    that is erases all your Bookmarks…including everything you have saved
    as a favorite! Also note that this is a code app it will not put an icon
    on your SpringBoard. Below are files types that are currently supported
    by the app.

  • Will this work with ?? Or is there a newer version of this app?

  • Will this work with ?? Or is there a newer version of this app?

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  • i have tried this bookmarklet from iphone and samsung s3 with and it really worked.

  • My compliment on the way you discuss the subject. I’m impressed. Thank you for sharing this to us.


  • Could you please make it work for it’s really important to me.

  • I really enjoyed reading your article. I found this as an informative and interesting post, so i think it is very useful and knowledgeable. I would like to thank you for the effort you have made in writing this article.

  • I had same issue with but it was solved automatically.

  • Watch movies online from in hd quality.

  • It’s ok dear, but it supported on I don’t know. But i think its automatically supported.

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