iTransmogrify update

The main iTransmogrify! script has been updated with a bunch of new functionality:

  • pages are now supported (see notes)
  • Daily Motion videos are supported for new-style urls (see notes)
  • player and listings page are now supported
  • play links are now supported
  • WordPress Blogs using Viper Video QuickTags are supported for YouTube
  • All media links now open into new windows, so you won’t have to re-transmogrify a page with several media files after playing one. Note that this is dependent on the iPhone, sometimes it will blank other windows)
  • Some content in iframes will now be converted.
  • MotionBox, Viddler and Vimeo embedded videos, while not supporting iPod/iPhone alternate content, now link to their respective detail pages.

The main bookmarklet code was updated. This was necessary to workaround a frustrating oversight with Google Code hosting. Everyone will need to update their bookmarklet, in the future all updates will be automatic.

This has turned out to be far bigger than I ever imagined. Thank you to everyone for the links, feedback, compliments and ideas.

Known issues

LiveJournal pages redefine a bunch of core JavaScript functionality, breaking all kinds of stuff including jQuery. Additionally, they’re serving media in an iframe from a different domain, meaning JavaScript couldn’t access the frame even if they hadn’t broken it.


YouTube Internal pages
Because of a strange iPhone quirk, these links all need to go through the Google redirector, otherwise they bounce back to instead of playing.

DailyMotion videos using new-style urls, which are usually about six digits long, work correctly. Videos using the old-style alphanumeric ID do not work yet. I’m probably just going to resort to building a simple web-service to grab those. Additionally, there is no way to programatically access the mp4 alternate content url, so I just linked to their iPhone pages. I’d prefer embedding QuickTime directly, but it’s just not possible yet.

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  • this is pretty cool but will we be able to view wmv files someday???

  • Do you think we will ever see this for

  • Would itransmogrify ever support megavideo?

  • Is there any way we can view full episodes on I have tried everything to iTransmogrify various contents and cannot get it to open up in youtube. Please help!

  • Is there an estimate of when will this work with all kinds of video websites?
    It would be awsome. I would like to help in anyway i can.

  • i have tried this over and over again and absolutley nuthing happens ive tried all the methods available tried it with iphone and safari on my laptop doesn’t work ive delted the bit of code at the neginning of the address and i have bookmarked it a thousand times and still nuthing what on earth am i doing wrong doesn’t work for me atall

  • @lee What pages are you trying it on? I have a test suite listing pages that are known to work here: iTransmogrify Test Suite

  • Don’t have my planned touch yet, but would this let me use Will that already work?

  • You ARE a hero! Now i finally cann watch my (and these of friends..) with embedded Flash-Vids like Youtube.
    THANK YOU, God of programming-universe !!


    ..great job, really..

  • I havent had any luck with this either. What firmware are you testing this with?

  • nm… aparently im just dumb as a rock and don’t know how to use it.

    note to others: go to a web site where flash content didnt work and you see the little cube where the flash should be… then use the iTransmogrify bookmarlet.


  • This dosnt work for the NEW 16gig iPhone that came preinstalled with firware ver 1.1.4, i can’t edit url in the bookmarks. only the title, plz help.

  • Thanks for itransmogrify, would be nice to have working too.

  • Itransmogrify is awesome! I wonder if it could work with imeem too?

  • Chad, you have to save the bookmark as is and then edit it from your bookmark list.

  • Can u get newschannel 5 to work

  • How about havent worked for me yet but will keep trying.

  • re:

    None of the h.264 videos I’ve tried on CrunchyRoll will play on my iPhone. I was able to get everything else working on my end, and if their videos would just play I could roll out support immediately.

    I posted about this to the CrunchyRoll forums:

    I’ll probably just include support in the next release, maybe the site will magically start working someday,

  • does this work with the iPod touch?

  • Hey Joe can you plz respond

    im having issues with the itransmography…everything works fine but when i access and click on the the bookmark and then the link to the video the redirect webpage does not show up all it does is sends me to the same youtube webpage

    PLZ help

  • @MAx I’m testing an update which will address this. Google changed their redirector which breaks MobileSafari’s YouTube sniffer, which is why everything keeps bouncing back to

    I’m hoping to have the update online this evening, you won’t need to do anything, it will just start working,

  • what about ?

  • hey I’m typing this on my iPod touch. I’ve hears that itransmogrify works on iPod touch too. I was wonder if it was possible to get itransmogrify to work on a 1.1.4 iPod touch straight outta the box. It’s NOT jailbroken or n e of that shit.

  • its not working for me… youtube aint workin… how do i update the bookmarklet? i went to the do it from the iphone itransmogrify link, followed all the links and stuff about editing my bookmark… still no success…but i remember that prior to the restoring of my iphone i have came across a bugfix for bookmarklets… what i remember was it was saying something like this: enabler for safari bookmarklets… anyone have any idea where that was?

  • I’m testing now and will hopefully, really have the update on the servers in the next hour.

  • hey joe I love the things your doing but can u please make It work with Im on the site all the time

  • Joe, can you make this work on video chat or videochat sites?

  • *

  • hey Joe, I have an iphone 16 gb, cracked with ziphone. I did everything u said, but when the cube comes, i go to itrasmogrify, but the program does not open anything(it seem it works few second then it stops and can’t open anything. Do u have advices?
    Thanks a lot

  • Is there any chance that this might eventually work for the XM online music stream that is Flash based? It does not work now, unless I am doing something wrong???

  • hey isecks they do have a site but i don’t think u can search
    anyway the site is (dont put in www. or http://)

  • Hello Joe, thanks for getting this happening. I managed to get it all working for my Touch version 1.1.4. I was able to see the videos on your own site but I can’t get it to work with videos on other sites. Do you have to be involved in redirecting every url with embedded youtube content? Or does something special need to be done to the embedded content in order for the redirect to take effect?
    here’s a link with an embedded video on my own site which I can’t watch

  • to be honest, what I’d like to see in this would be a way to play flash games with this…

  • Hey, Joe: I’d love to get this working, but I followed the instructions, rechecked to see that I deleted the correct stuff at the beginning of the iT bookmarklet, and then went to one of the pages on your test suite and get nothing at all to happen.I’m using an 8 gig iPhone with version 1.1.4… Any thoughts? Thanks!

  • I booked marked it three times and when I tried to use it, nothing happens. I have the 16 gig iPhone with 1.1.4 software. it didn’t work for me. I am using Videohamster right now, however I can’t seem to get more than 20 seconds worth even after registered. So freakin’ frustrated.

  • Anyone can answer this one:
    Why do people downgrade their iPhone software from 1.1.4 to the old 1.1.1? What’s the benefit of that? Just curious. Saw many video instructions on YouTube.


  • i want to listen to bbc radio1. this bookmarklet does not seem to work there. have you tried it? how to make it work?

  • I wanna watch dexter on my iPod touch on but when I use I transmogrify it doesn’t work. So yea I need help with it. If there’s another way to watch tv or movies online on itouch I wanna know. Thanks!

  • any support for hulu in future releases? we could watch lots of the daily show…….

  • the Yahtzee (Zero Punctuation) reviews on The Escapist would be cool to have.

    Btw-this thing is amazing. Absolutely a must-have.

  • has to be viewable it would be really cool

  • yes watchtvsitcoms would be good to be able to view on iPhone/itouch

  • please please please please PLEASE!!! Can you make watchtvsitcoms viewable on iPhone i’ve asked a few people with iPhones and they agree that watchtvsitcoms would be ideal for the iPhone/ipod touch. Thanks in advance and please could you answer this quickly

  • I have loaded transmogrify and I still can’t get Godtube to work. Any suggestions? Thanks alot

  • I have had pretty good success with your program. In my younger days I helped develop many programs. But because of my Senior status, I can’t get if there is an upgraded version or not. If there is one, where is it?

  • will it ever work for flash games???? Please answer I am wondering if I should get one
    For my son but if he can’t play games then….

  • It will never work for Flash games. All iTransmogrify does is rewrite the page to point to alternate video content, if that content is available and discoverable.

  • any way to get Hulu to work with this?

  • Hi Joe, I am having problem trying to get itransmogrify to work on my iphone 3g. I follow your instructions on the I phone..but I have problem with the second part, the edit thing.could not get it going, and i aslo try on your website..grab it now. it also wont take me to the link…please help me..thanks

  • Adobe flash player coming soon!

  • I keep trying it on the youtube site on my itouch, and the error of this video does not currently support ipod comes up. is there a fix coming for this?

  • Did anyone try video hamster did not work but it sound to me that it depend on the web sight so what is a good direction should in and what works and what web sight to go to that might work? Thankyou so much for helping if you can also good luck to everyone.

  •, svp!

  • I’m on the new 16G 3G iphone. No luck using the program. Any tips for using the program. Anything left out.

  • I have the 16g 3G iPhone and itransmogrify doesn’t work. It sucks. Don’t waste your time.

    • Without knowing which sites didn’t work, there’s not much I can do with your comment.

  • Can I just announce that Apple and Adobe are now working together to create Flash player for the iphone, so hopefully we won’t have too long to wait!

  • Awesome job, works just like you said it would; just a site here and there that doesn’t want to cooperate.

  • Megavideo, svp

  • Love your tip for installing the bookmarklet directly to the iPhone. I made a bookmarklet that transforms any bookmarklet into a link that can be installed without syncing. Here’s the bookmarklet: iPhonify Bookmarklets. More info about it is at One cool thing about it is that you can use it to help install itself!

    • Oops. Looks like that link won’t work for the bookmarklet—some of the code has been stripped out. But the bookmarklet on my website works.

  • Hulu would be nice. . .. probably not the first to ask :)


  • does this work on only on iphone? what about ipod touch?


  • Yeah, Hulu would be pretty great. And I would love to be able to access Comedy Central’s Daily Show and Colbert videos.

  • Google Video would be good to add as well.

  • Hello,
    I am trying to bookmark itransmogify to get it to work and under edit there is no javascript ? the address doesn’t have that in it, can anyone tell me what to type in that spot instead?


  • Tried it on new iPhone 3GS and it works. little clunky but beats the blank white space where a video should be, but previously could not play. thank you.

    wish there was a way to see the thumbnails first to make sure I’m picking up the right version of the video I want to play. Some music groups have multiple vids out there and I can recognize them by the thumbnails…. just a thought.

  • Please support also

  • Joe,
    I stumbled on you app and thought I might try it on this blocked streaming radio site. The site works fine on a computer. I gather you may have to go in and fiddle so it would work on the iphone/itouch. Thanks,

  • I installed the bookmark directly on my iPhone 3gs using the site’s direction. However, the test sites (incl the etch a sketch) does not work. What could I be missing?

  • could also mke the work? please?

  • Napster please!!!!!!

  • Napster please!!!!!! For iPhone :)

  • BBC website would be great too. Otherwise nice little solution, thanks

  • Joe when are you going to make and work with this wonderful bookmark?



  • It doesn’t work on my Ipod 2g. Sad. Tried this site examples from youtube and also
    I get only the gray symbol with the crossed play button.
    When I turn on the Imobilecinema plugin, it starts (shows the first frame) in fullscreen and then crashes. (can’t play the video)

  • How do you get itransmogrify?? Please help!

  • Hey Joe, will there ever be support for ytmnd sites? And if not anytime soon, is it even possible at all?

  • Hey i have tried itransmogrify on my iphone and even looked up updates, but i STILL can’t watch anything on Is there something im missing?

  • Hey i have tryed iTransmogrify and it works on the iTouch on youtube videos (dont know any other website to try). But i was wondering if you could check out this website for me and tell me if you could get iTransmogrify working for me because i clearly don’t know how to check o tll you wha format it’s in. i usually watch some shows on the internet and i use my iPod Touch to watch them when i can’t use the computer, so i watch them on youtube (if i can find them). so this is a website with the common video player.
    I hope you could get the chance to reply and check these out for me and respond to me if it’s possible for you to b able to iTransmogrify these video players. Thanks.

  • Thank you so much for your help
    but i was wondering if you can make this work for these websites and
    theyre popular websites a lot of people use around me thank you so much

  • How do you get this thing to work for iPod touch 3gen in lamen terms step by step cause it’s not working for me or many other people it seems thanks

  • Are you in jail? Haven’t seen any response in awhile.

  • What if ur ipod 4 doesnt have the + symbol how would i get it?

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