iTransmogrify update ready, but…

So I’ve got a big update ready to go for iTransmogrify!. Except there’s a problem with Google Code.

Google Code doesn’t allow downloads to be renamed or deleted after they’re 2 days old or have 50+ downloads. That nugget of critical information is buried deep in their FAQ.

I posted this in Google Code Support, Rename or replace download and commented on issue 417, Need a stable link to the latest version of a download. A ‘latest version’ link on Google Code would solve this completely, but it’s been almost four months since they tagged the issue, so who knows when or if that feature will ever exist.

I’m not expecting any help from Google, so I’m considering the following two options:

  1. Link files directly from svn trunk.
  2. Set up externally-hosted http redirect.

Neither is ideal and both would require users to update their bookmarks or miss out on updates. Additionally the main script file would be outside of stats collection, so no one would know how many times iTransmogrify has been used, when I hit publish on this post, that number was just under 279,000 times.

My solution

After a day of thinking about it and discussing things with a few people, I’ve decided to go with a locally-hosted redirect for the main JavaScript file. Going forward I’ll just manually update the redirect to point to the latest version. This is an acceptable outcome for an imperfect situation.

The update will unfortunately require action on the users’ part, something I had intended never to happen: Users will need to update the bookmarklet. From here forward, all updates will just happen, as I’d planned from the beginning.

Once this update is known to be working, I will modify the graphics seen by the old script file to announce the changes. Hopefully that last step will get most everyone moved to the newer bookmarklet.

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  • Thanks for all the hard work dude. Just wondering why the first Transmogrify didn’t seem to work for me on YouTube? I’m sure I followed your instructions in that video correctly. Apologies if this was answered all ready.

  • The first version of the script didn’t work on YouTube pages. The version I’m rolling out tomorrow does.

  • Sounds great, but it doesn’t work on my iPhone using 1.1.3. I go to a website with a flash movie, I hit bookmarks and navigate to where I saved the iTransmogrify bookmark and press it, and nothing. What’s the trick?

  • Nevermind. I thought iTransmogrify would work on any flash video. It does work on the YouTube site.

  • @Treborg The bookmarklet replaces Flash video with iPod/iPhone compatible content, if that’s available or can be easily determined. If a site has flash video and also offers a iTunes podcast, let me know and I’ll hook them up.

  • Thanks !
    I used that script (slightly adapted) on my website.

    I used this script:

    var resolution = window.screen.width + window.screen.height;
    if (resolution == “716”){
    location.href = “”;


    Can I donate you something ?
    Are you willing to join me anyhow ?
    Let me know and drop me a line.

  • I bookmarked the site and did everything as taught in the video but nothing happens when i launch the video. Is there any change in bookmark name? I’m using iphone 3g with latest updated firmware.


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