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August 28, 2001

21:20 Wow. My brother Ben Maller will be hosting the pre-game, halftime and post-game shows for the NFL's American Bowl. Congratulations Ben! (What is the American Bowl?)

August 23, 2001

21:07 Today I noticed a link from in a posting about hives, food coloring and frankenfoods. I first "met" Mena who runs dollarshort, during the blogathon. I'd been reading her site for a little while and decided to IM some words of encouragement in the middle of the night. I then ended up pestering her for the next two hours. At the time, the blogathon site was not working, but I promised to donate $25 to Guide Dogs for the Blind, the charity Mena was blogging for. I had forgotten about the promise and I still can't find the blogathon link to credit her, but I kept my word and just donated the $25.

One comment Mena made in her posting got me thinking. She provided a disclaimer that she wasn't going to get "all government-conspiracy" in her comments speculating on the number of people with hives. I started to wonder how many rational people might also be starting conversations this way? I frequently disclaim my beliefs about the dangers of Nutrasweet and Food Coloring, partly because I'd rather not be lumped in with the UFO and government conspiracy crowds.

I do believe various food-additive and environmental chemicals are causing harm that we may not quantify for another decade. Most problematic chemicals are discovered when they cause cancer or some other decidedly lethal reaction. I found Red food coloring was affecting my moods for days after eating it, moodiness is not something people tend to measure. Since cutting the chemicals out of my diet, I've been healthier and happier with far fewer mood swings. Even the chemicals turn out to be totally safe, which I doubt, I still can't come up with a good argument as to why I would want to eat fake sugar or any food with enough dye to be used as ink.

August 22, 2001

12:30 If you are using Windows, this page should fix your QuickTime plug-in so you can watch movies again.

12:02 Apple published a tutorial about how to update web pages to automatically install the QuickTime Active X plug-in for Windows. Microsoft's last service pack disabled Netscape-style browser plug-ins so upgraded users could no longer view QuickTime files from web sites.

August 21, 2001

21:30 I was back on Google for FXScript and FXBuilder this afternoon. Now I'm not again.

14:27 Wierdest thing. Yesterday I searched Google for FXScript, and I came up first. Then I searched Google again for FXBuilder and came up first again.

Today I'm not even there anymore. They much have switched to an older link database or something.

August 19, 2001

17:10 Quite a week. Both my brothers visited, Ben has been to New York several times, Mike hadn't travelled much. It was great having them here, even if we didn't see half of what I wanted to show them. I wasn't able to get much work done, but I should be caught up in a few days.

In addition to my brothers visiting, my DSL line finally died for good. This was expected and I've already got a new line ordered from Verizon but it won't be turned on until Sept. 11. In the meantime I've got three machines sharing one 56k modem connection. I'm still waiting on a cable modem, my landlord won't let Time Warner upgrade their equipment for some reason known only to him. I've actually got a 'case worker' at Time Warner who returns my calls. Someday I'll write out a full history of my broadband saga, which continues to be quite a ride.

August 12, 2001

01:22 A few more links:

I've now had sales from the US, Argentina, Germany and Japan. I'm having a great time and spending way too much time staring at my server logs.

August 10, 2001

01:13 More links to Joe's Filters:

In 8 hours yesterday the site doubled the previous week's traffic.

August 9, 2001

20:57 Joe's Filters listed on VersionTracker.

18:04 Joe's Filters were mentioned on the following sites:

It's kind of fun to see how my press release was modified and paraphrased by the different sites. Here is the original release:
Announcing Joe's Filters for Final Cut Pro

August 8, 2001

14:27 I came across the Paint The Moon project today. The goal is to get a few million people to point their laser pointers at one spot on the moon at the same time. Hopefully it will be visible from earth. I don't think it will work, and this site presents a well reasoned argument about why it won't.

I'll try to remember to look (and possibly help). It would be great if it actually worked.
link found on memepool

August 3, 2001

17:28 For the past couple days, I've had music from a Mercedes commercial stuck in my head. The commercial is for the Mercedes Benz C-Class Coupe and is mostly simple shots of a thirtyish guy driving across a bridge (SF I think) with a plastic bag blowing around the passenger side. Great photography even if the bag thing is a cliche now.

The song is Whoever You Are by Geggy Tah. Thanks to LimeWire for helping uncover that. I'm looking for other songs by them to see if I want to buy any of their albums.

Interesting case of media cross-pollination, who was the ad actually for? I'm not going to be buying a car anytime soon...

17:15 I've been thinking about creating something about how to open a CD. It would be somewhat the opposite of this: How to unwrap a CD box by Tibor Kalman and Lulu Kalman.

August 1, 2001

01:42 I don't know how I'm just now finding out about Cockeyed. Absolute genius.

I wonder if he's seen Empty?

Site Notes: July 31, 2001

00:09 The past two days I've seen three people missing a total of four legs. Today I saw a double amputee, yesterday I saw two singles. The one that sticks in my head is the man in the wheelchair outside the LIRR escalators into Penn Station. The stump of his right leg was swollen around the truncated end of his lower leg bones, a ring of blotchy purple flesh about the diameter of a basketball. He was drinking a 32oz soda from McDonalds and smoking a cigarette.

Even if the Patients' Bill of Rights passes, it will only help those who can afford to see a doctor. None of these people looked as if they could afford health care, an economic reality quantified by their missing limbs.

Last night I saw the Mike's Hard Lemonade Lumberjack ad where one man chops off his own leg, then a second man buys the first a drink. I didn't laugh.

Site Notes: July 30, 2001

02:33 I received an email from Jerry Kindall about the mysterious "joe maller.exe" thing I found on GNUtella. He suggested the file was produced by "a hacked Gnutella client that renames the file in question to whatever you're looking for, to distribute a virus or worm or at the very least a Trojan horse. If you had searched for 'Adobe Photoshop 6' I bet you the same server would have returned the same file, only named 'Adobe Photoshop 6.exe'."

In the meantime, I had a small but signficant breakthrough with Perl.

Site Notes: July 29, 2001

21:30 Update on "joe maller.exe" - I opened the file in BBEdit to see if I could figure out what it was. Looks like porn advertising or something based on a list of embedded sites. The phrase "Fun Loving Criminal" appears several times. One funny thing I found was a path to SimCity3000: "C:\Program Files\Maxis\SimCity 3000\Game\SC3.EXE" I've never played SimCity3000.

Maybe if I remember I'll try opening it with Virtual PC, hopefully this will just go away.

21:18 So I was searching for my name on GNUtella (via Limewire) and I find a file called "joe maller.exe" on this host Since I don't even own a PC, I have no idea what this is. I just hope it's not the next global sircam virus or something.

05:15 Yesterday I spent entirely too long on an off-topic reply to a post on the DV-L mailing list. Someone had made a joke in English which was misunderstood by someone for whom English is a second (or third) language.

This all reminded me of a Nietzsche quote I read several years ago. I didn't immediately remember it was Nietzsche's, but found the quote in a few minutes with Google. The quote itself was about translation, and was made more ironic having itself been translated from German. The quote is entry 184 from Friedrich Nietzsche's book "Human, All Too Human" (Menschliches, Allzumenschliches) published in 1878.

"It is neither the best nor the worst things in a book that defy translation."
Also translated somewhat differently as:
"It is neither the best nor worst of a book that is untranslatable."

Babelfish made this mess:
"Neither the best, nor the worst at beech, which at it is untranslatable, are."
Finally someone on the list had a german friend translate it as:
Untranslatable - It is neither the best nor the worst about a book that cannot be translated.

Finding that in English didn't take very long. Finding it in German, in which I am 90% illiterate took much longer:
Unübersetzbar. - Es ist weder das Beste, noch das Schlechteste an einem Buche, was an ihm unübersetzbar ist.

The complete text is available online:

Menschliches, Allzumenschliches

Human, All Too Human

I like having access to the original language a work was written in. Even if I can't read it, seeing the shapes of the words provides insight into the work that would be lost through the distortion of translation.

Some years after Nietzsche published, Robert Frost said similarly: "Poetry is what gets lost in translation." (Robert Frost was four years old when Human All Too Human was first published.)

04:41 Metafilter is still alive. Now FilePile needs to come back to life.

Site Notes: July 28, 2001

20:15 Kodak wrote an article about my friend Dave Park

19:33 This would be the first Blogger test, which will no doubt come back to haunt me...

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